Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Rqst No.
Due Date Received Date Status Records Provided

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
2153 01/20/2020 01/15/2020 Completed 01/27/2020
Property Name: O'Reilly Auto Property Address: 7861 & 7871 North Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85704 Parcel: 225-50-0030 Property Owner: Wright-Pantano LLC Requesting: 1) Copy of Certificate of Occupancy (and if not on file, would this present a code compliance issue?) 2) Information on any open building code violations 3) Information on any open fire code violations 4) Information on any planned roadwork in the area which may impact the property
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   40 Mins
Total Request Time:   40 Mins Count: 1