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2188 02/13/2020 02/10/2020 Completed 02/13/2020
Report of all building permits processed by your department from December 04, 2019, to present. Such reports typically: - Are referred to as a Permit Activity Report, a Permit Fee Log or a Monthly Permit Report. - Include all permits broadly related to work on new and existing structures, such as structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, demolition, solar, HVAC, and gas permits, as well as any other kind of permit related to construction, renovation and maintenance. - Contain (i) property address fields, (ii) permit type fields, (iii) a permit value or estimated job value, (iv) a permit status field and (v) dates associated with the permit, such as an application date, an issue date and an expiry date, as well as (vi) the details of the contractor(s) who performed the work and, of course, (vii) a description of the permitted work.
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   15 Mins
Total Request Time:   15 Mins Count: 1