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Bache & Lynch
2424 09/21/2020 09/16/2020 Completed 09/18/2020
Re: Public Records Request Owner: Rooney Ranch, LLC Lessor: Fitness at Rooney Ranch, LLC dba Planet Fitness Address: 10525 N. Oracle Rd., Oro Valley, AZ This is a non-commercial request made pursuant to A.R.S. § 39-121, et seq. The Arizona Public Records Law, and The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I am hereby requesting a complete and thorough search of all filing systems and locations for all records maintained by your agency pertaining to the construction and maintenance of the Planet Fitness facility located at 10525 N. Oracle Rd., Oro Valley, Arizona, to include applications, permits, records, inspections, and the like from January 1, 2014 to the present time. Please include all documents requested by or on behalf of Rooney Ranch, LLC and/or Fitness at Rooney Ranch, LLC dba Planet Fitness. These records will be used for permissible purposes enumerated in A.R.S. §36-121.03. I am requesting that all records be produced with the administrative pages. I wish to receive copies of “see reference”, abstracts, search slips, including slips used to process this request, file coverage, multiple copies of the same document if they appear in the file, photographs, video tapes, and logs of physical surveillance. Please place missing documents on “special locate” and forward them as they become available. I wish to make it clear that I want all records in your office “identified by my request” even though reports on those records may have been sent to other departments or agencies, and even though there may be duplications between the two (2) set of files. I do not want just “interim” documents. I want all documents as they appear in the “main file” of whichever department of your agency has custody of said records.
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   30 Mins
Total Request Time:   30 Mins Count: 1