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2194 02/19/2020 02/14/2020 Completed 02/20/2020
There is scuttlebutt around the Town that either the HSL purchase Agreement, or the Troon contract prohibits the Town from closing the Overlook. I cannot find it anywhere in either document that requires the Town to provide for nothing more than food and beverage for golf. That is no more than a beverage cart, and not a full service restaurant. The day we purchased the property there was no restaurant, as Hilton had closed the facility. After looking at the financials since we purchased the property, closing the restaurant was/is the fiscally responsible thing to do. Even Hiremath was talking abut closing the facility. If there are any restrictions prohibiting the Town from closing the Overlook, please forward to me the appropriate paragraphs from either the Troon contract, or the Purchase agreement.
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   40 Mins
2353 07/17/2020 07/14/2020 Completed 07/14/2020
https://destinyhosted.com/agenda_publish.cfm?id=67682&mt=ALL&get_month=7&get_year=2020&dsp=agm&seq=3478&rev=0&ag=485&ln=10982&nseq=3323&nrev=0&pseq=&prev=#ReturnTo10982 Any reason why the agreement is not posted?? Do we have to get the Attorney General involved? Mike Zinkin
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   5 Mins
Total Request Time:   45 Mins Count: 2