George Lindsay

Rqst No. Due Date Received Date Status Records Provided

2170 01/31/2020 01/28/2020 Completed 01/29/2020
Copy of RFP for the golf course operator
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   40 Mins
2174 02/05/2020 01/31/2020 Completed 02/03/2020
According to the RFP for the golf course operator, proposers were to request a RSVP to Site Visit on or before 1/30/20. Can you provide me with a list of proposers who have complied with the RFP Site Visit requirement? George
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   10 Mins
2175 02/05/2020 02/01/2020 Completed 02/06/2020
Can you provide me with the number of golf memberships at El Conquistador on a monthly basis for the 12 months of 2018 and 2019, ending with January 2020 which has been reported to be 261?
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   25 Mins
2185 02/12/2020 02/08/2020 Completed 02/19/2020
Can I obtain a list of the vendors who attended the Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Review on February 10th per the Golf Course RFP Schedule Of Events?
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   1 Hr 5 Mins
2195 02/19/2020 02/16/2020 Completed 02/19/2020
Second Request for Information. Can I obtain a list of vendors who attended the RFP Site Visit and Pre-Conference meeting on February 10th as required by the Golf Course Operator RFP?
     Town Clerk's Office
Total Request Time:   2 Hrs 20 Mins Count: 5