Hal Biestek

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2311 06/04/2020 06/01/2020 Completed 07/01/2020
Request updated 6/12 - I think it's reasonable to ask for some specifics about what needs to be "finalized". Just exactly what is there that hasn't been agreed upon yet? And more specifically, what is the status Paragraph 6.02 of the Troon contract? I assume that somewhere along the way of RFP 20202, that notice was given to Troon that their contract was not going to be renewed. The RFP itself should have been notice, but I would hope that a more formal notice would have been given to Troon. My question is: Has HSL consented to the termination of the Agreement per this paragraph? I would like to see copies of any correspondences on this subject. Specifically, what was asked for and what was given to acquire HSL's consent? I certainly hope this issue has been settled, and in fact, I hope it was settled prior to the RFP. This is an issue I have been raising for almost two years with you and some members of the council, but I am yet to hear a satisfactory response from any of you. I was inquiring as to when the Billy Casper management contract will be finalized and when I might be able to get a copy of it. Thank you.
     Town Clerk's Office Request Time:   45 Mins
Total Request Time:   45 Mins Count: 1