Huber Heights Public Records Request Portal

The Ohio Public Records Act details how to request public records, but also excludes certain public records from disclosure. Any person may request to inspect or obtain copies of public records from the City of Huber Heights by making a public records request to the City. The portal below can be utilized to make a public records request to the City of Huber Heights for any general public records requests. Public records requests for records held by the Huber Heights Police Division and the Huber Heights Fire Division should be directed to these entities.
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The Ohio Public Records Act does not require the City of Huber Heights to create new information, compile data, do legal research, provide records in a format other than the existing format of the records, or answer questions. The time it takes to respond to a public records request will depend on the complexity of the request, the volume of responsive documents, and other factors. The City will respond to a public records request with either the requested public records or some type of other communication promptly or as soon as possible.

There is also a large amount of information and public records available on the City's website at and readily available to the public which can be accessed without a public records request. Additionally, information and public records related to public meetings of the Huber Heights City Council or City boards and commissions is accessible at

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact Karen Powell, Deputy Clerk of Council, at or (937) 237-5812 or Anthony C. Rodgers, Public Records Administrator, at or (937) 237-5832.