Village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin



Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Present: Janet Dake, Peggy Haas, Jenna Merten, Kathleen Lysaght, Paul Tadda, Corey Golla
Staff Present: Karol Kennedy, Ellen Rohr, Arlyn Johnson
Attendees: Bill Robison, Engberg Anderson Architects, Sarah Ponto, Engberg Anderson Architects
1. Call to Order by President Lysaght at 6:00 PM.
2. Library Space Utilization and Prefunding Design Study Presentation by Engberg Anderson Architects (Bill Robison and Sarah Ponto). Those present introduced themselves.  Kennedy gave an overview of the purpose of the Space Utilization study. This was followed by a presentation by Bill Robison and Sarah Ponto.  A cost proposal is expected within the next month.
3. Jenna Merten left the meeting as 6:40 PM; Bill Robison, Sarah Ponto, and Arlyn Johnson left at 6:55 PM.
4. Consent Agenda: 
a. 2018 09 Library Board Minutes   
b. 2018 09 Library Expenditures   
  Motion by Member Peggy Haas, second by Member Janet Dake to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Approved.
  Vote: 6 - 0
5. New Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
a. Meeting Space Policy - The Meeting Space Policy was presented for discussion. The board members present reviewed the policy. Some language was clarified. On the advice of Jenna Merten the policy will be sent to the village attorney for review and recommendations. She had concerns regarding lack of indemnity clause and the appeal language contained within the policy. Paul Tadda requested the policy language be reasonable and not repiticious.
  Motion by Trustee Paul Tadda, second by Member Janet Dake to table the approval of the policy until after the village attorney has the opportunity to review it.  Approved.
  Vote: 6 - 0
b. 2019 Library Closed Dates
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by School District Superintendent Corey Golla to approve the list of Library Closed dates as presented.  Approved.
  Vote: 6 - 0
c. December 19, 2018 Meeting Location will be Three Cellars N72W13400 Lund Ln Suite A, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051. Those attending are asked to bring an appetizer to share.
6. Unfinished Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
a. Space Review and Concept Design Project - There was no further discussion.
7. President's Report:  President Lysaght reported that the Trustee dinner was nice. The speaker was good.
8. Director's Report - Kennedy asked for questions or comments regarding her directors report.  Dake commented on on how well the book sale was this year. She congratulated Katie W. for the great job she did and remarked that she is fun to work with.

Paul Tadda asked about our replacement board member.  Kennedy explained that some applications have been received by  the Village Manager. She has no further information.
a. Correspondence - We recently received several social media reviews/recommendations.
9. Trustee's Report: Trustee Tadda reported the budget was presented to the trustees at a recent meeting. There was no comment on the Library portion of the budget. Tadda also commented that Golla gave a great presentation at the Village Board meeting.
10. School District Report:  Golla reported that the district will be working with the village on population studies and will be doing a 25 year facility study. He also reported a student recently was selected to participate in the Milwaukee Film festival.
11. Friends' Report - Rightie Pappenheim has resigned as secretary of the Menomonee Falls Friends of the Library, effective November 17, 2018. There will be a small thank you party for her at the October 23rd meeting.  All Library Board members are invited to attend. The Library is grateful for having her as part of the board all these years.
12. Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 14 (one week earlier due to Thanksgiving Holiday)
December 19 - Three Cellars in Menomonee Falls.
13. Topics for next meeting agenda-Director's Report, Meeting Space Policy, Engberg Anderson design services proposal.
14. Adjournment 7:55 PM with no further business to discuss.
Minutes transcribed by Ellen M Rohr, Business Manager
Minutes approved as corrected on November 14, 2018.