City of Garland


Monday, August 16, 2021
6:00 p.m.


Written Briefing: Items that generally do not require a presentation or discussion by the staff or Council. On these items the staff is seeking direction from the Council or providing information in a written format.

Verbal Briefing: These items do not require written background information or are an update on items previously discussed by the Council.

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 emergency, and pursuant to Section 551.125 of the Texas Government Code and the executive orders of Governor Greg Abbott suspending provisions of the Texas Government Code and other applicable laws of the State regarding normal open meetings, the City Council will hold this meeting by internet/telephonic remote means.

The meeting will be broadcast by webinar or telephone at the following URL:

Registration for the online meeting is required.  The meeting will be recorded and will be available for viewing the next day at


For those without internet access to the meeting, a dial-in option is available.  The numbers are:


The Meeting ID is: 951 7455 8345


For participants (online and by phone) who wish to speak, a public comments period is provided as the first item on the agenda.  If you desire to address the City Council on a matter that is posted on this agenda, please be prepared to do so at the beginning of the meeting.  After the City Council has begun its discussion of the agenda, you will not be recognized to speak.  The public comments portion of the meeting is provided for citizen comments.  You are invited to offer a comment or make a statement on any item on the agenda.  However, please bear in mind that offering comments should not be done in the form of posing questions.  Generally, due to legal restrictions, the City Council is not able to answer questions during the public comments portion of the agenda.  Your comments must relate to an item on this agenda - non-germane comments are not in order.  

If an Executive Session is included as part of the agenda for this meeting, the Executive Session will be conducted by teleconference between and among the members of the City Council and relevant City staff.  Public access to that call is prohibited by State law.  



1. Decisions based on issues, goals and vision. 9. Follow goals, principles and action agenda.
2. Do not take things personal. 10. Decide, vote and move on. 
3. Project a positive attitude.  11. Avoid ambushes - Council or staff. 
4. Focus on issues, not on the person. 12. Talk to staff before meetings.
5. Be prepared to discuss issues.  13. Vote our convictions, but be willing to compromise "What is best for Garland."
6. Maintain decorum. 14. Follow Roberts Rules of Order consistently. 
7. Keep your sense of humor. 15. Agree to disagree.
8. Honor and respect each other; accept each other as individuals.  16. Be open and honest. 
NOTICE: The City Council may recess from the open session and convene in a closed executive session if the discussion of any of the listed agenda items concerns one or more of the following matters:
(1) Pending/contemplated litigation, settlement offer(s), and matters concerning privileged and unprivileged client information deemed confidential by Rule 1.05 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.  Sec. 551.071, Tex. Gov't Code.

(2)  The purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property, if the deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the City in negotiations with a third person.  Sec. 551.072, Tex. Gov't Code.

(3)  A contract for a prospective gift or donation to the City, if the deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the City in negotiations with a third person. Sec. 551.073, Tex. Gov't Code.

(4)  Personnel matters involving the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee or to hear a complaint against an officer or employee.  Sec. 551.074, Tex. Gov't Code.

(5)  The deployment, or specific occasions for implementation of security personnel or devices. Sec.  551.076, Tex. Gov't Code.

(6) Discussions or deliberations regarding commercial or financial information that the City has received from a business prospect that the City seeks to have locate, stay, or expand in or near the territory of the City and with which the City is conducting economic development negotiations; or to deliberate the offer of a financial or other incentive to a business prospect of the sort described in this provision. Sec. 551.087, Tex. Gov't Code.
(7) Discussions, deliberations, votes, or other final action on matters related to the City’s competitive activity, including information that would, if disclosed, give advantage to competitors or prospective competitors and is reasonably related to one or more of the following categories of information:
  • generation unit specific and portfolio fixed and variable costs, including forecasts of those costs, capital improvement plans for generation units, and generation unit operating characteristics and outage scheduling;
  • bidding and pricing information for purchased power, generation and fuel, and Electric Reliability Council of Texas bids, prices, offers, and related services and strategies;
  • effective fuel and purchased power agreements and fuel transportation arrangements and contracts;
  • risk management information, contracts, and strategies, including fuel hedging and storage;
  • plans, studies, proposals, and analyses for system improvements, additions, or sales, other than transmission and distribution system improvements inside the service area for which the public power utility is the sole certificated retail provider; and
  • customer billing, contract, and usage information, electric power pricing information, system load characteristics, and electric power marketing analyses and strategies.  Sec. 551.086;  Tex. Gov't Code; Sec. 552.133, Tex. Gov’t Code]
1. Public Comments on Work Session Items

Persons who desire to address the City Council on any item on the Work Session agenda are allowed three minutes to speak. Speakers are taken only at the beginning of the meeting, other than invited testimony.

Speakers are grouped by Work Session item and will be taken in the order of the Work Session agenda. Speakers must submit to the City Secretary a completed speaker’s card before the beginning of the meeting. Speaker cards will not be accepted after the Mayor calls the meeting to order. Speaker cards are available in the lobby, at the visitor’s side of the Work Session Room, and from members of staff.

Speakers are limited to addressing items on the Work Session agenda – any item relating to a Regular Session agenda item should be addressed at the Regular Session and any item not on an agenda may be addressed during the open microphone at the end of the Regular Session. 
2. Consider the Consent Agenda

A member of the City Council may ask for discussion or further information on an item posted as a consent agenda item on the next Regular Meeting of the City Council. The Council Member may also ask that an item on the posted consent agenda be pulled from the consent agenda and considered for a vote separate from consent agenda items on the regular agenda.  All discussions or deliberations on this portion of the work session agenda are limited to posted agenda items and may not include a new or unposted subject matter.   
3. Written Briefings:  
a.   Confirmation of City Health Authority and Designee

Council is requested to confirm Dr. Timothy Lambert for a two-year term as City Health Authority and Dr. Norman Clothier for a two-year term as the Health Authority designee and authorize the City Manager to renew the interlocal agreements with the City of Rowlett and the City of Sachse for the purpose of public health services.  Unless otherwise directed by Council, this item will be scheduled for formal consideration at the September 14, 2021 Regular Meeting. 
b.   Atmos Settlement Agreement

Council is requested to consider approval of the Settlement Agreement with Atmos Energy Mid-Tex Division ("Atmos") and the resulting rate change under the Rate Review Mechanism (RRM) tariff.  Unless otherwise directed by Council, this item will be scheduled for formal consideration at the September 14, 2021 Regular Meeting. 
c.   Consider an Ordinance to Issue Tax Notes, Series 2021

Council is requested to consider an ordinance authorizing the issuance of tax notes of approximately $29 million.  Unless otherwise directed by Council, this item will be scheduled for formal consideration at the September 14, 2021 Regular Meeting. 
4. Verbal Briefings:  
a.   Garland Housing Finance Corporation Report 

David Gibbons, Executive Director of the Garland Housing Finance Corporation, will provide Council with an update. 
b.   Interviews for the Garland Housing Finance Corporation

The Garland Housing Finance Corporation notified the City that Delores Elder Jones' term of office as a Garland Housing Finance Corporation Board Member expired August 31, 2020.  Information was posted on the City's website for 21 days regarding the qualifications of the Garland Housing Finance Corporation in order to provide an opportunity for citizens to apply for the position. A letter of interest was received from Delores Elder-Jones, Elizabeth Blackwell and Julius Jenkins.  This item is scheduled for formal consideration at the August 17, 2021 Regular Meeting.
c.   COVID-19 Briefing

Staff will provide an update to Council and ask for Council direction, if needed, on various matters related to COVID-19 and actions being taken by the City.  The discussion will include but not limited to wastewater influent testing for COVID-19 and orders issued by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
d.   Consider a Resolution "Encouraging" not "Mandating" Mask Wearing at City-Owned Facilities

At the request of Deputy Mayor Pro Tem B.J. Williams and Council Member Robert John Smith, Council is requested to consider a resolution "encouraging," not "mandating" mask wearing at City-owned facilities. 
e.   2019 Bond Program - Status Update

Staff will brief Council on progress to date in implementing the 2019 Bond Program.  
f.   Discussion of City Event Celebrating Juneteenth 

At the request of Council Member Deborah Morris and Mayor Scott LeMay, Council is requested to discuss a City event celebrating Juneteenth. 
g.   Administrative Services Committee Update 

Council Member Robert John Smith, chair of the Administrative Services Committee, will continue discussion of the policy for facility naming and dedication plaques. 
5. Discuss Appointments to Boards and Commissions  
  Council Member Jeff Bass
  • James VanDyke - Board of Adjustment
  • Merrill Balanciere - Community Multicultural Commission
  • Justice Dickson - Cultural Arts Commission
  • James Dobbins - Environmental Community Advisory Board
  • Charles Msewe - Library Board
  • Ed Seghers - Parks and Recreation Board
  • Scott Roberts - Plan Commission
  • Eric Scholl - Property Standards Board
  • Dominic Arzon - Tax Increment Finance #1 Downtown Board
  • William "Bill" Swisher - Tax Increment Finance #2 South Board
  • Rich Resser - Tax Increment Finance #3 Board
  • Aaron Miller - Unified Building Standards Board
6. Announce Future Agenda Items

A member of the City Council, with a second by another member, or the Mayor alone, may ask that an item be placed on a future agenda of the City Council or a committee of the City Council. No substantive discussion of that item will take place at this time.
7. Adjourn