JULY 7, 2021 at 11:15 a.m.

The Black River WWTP requests approval to purchase fall prevention safety equipment from the Jack Doheny Company. The amount for the equipment is $11,487.00. The equipment is needed for the south end of the tunnel to insure employee’s safety while working over the 200’ deep pump shaft.  Funds for the purchase will come from the Education and In Service portion of the budget (6130.P613.4000.8100.1600). 
b.   An amended request from the Department of Public Property, Streets Division, to increase the dollar amount for emulsion purchased from Northcoast Products from $25,000.00 as approved by BOC on 1/13/21 to an amount not to exceed $40,000.00.  The $15,000.00 increase is needed to cover street repairs by the Durapatch machine for the remainder of 2021.  
c.   The Small Business Stabilization Program assists businesses impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Lorain Family Dental located at 4560 Oberlin Ave, Lorain, OH 44053 to receive a Forgivable Loan in the amount of $6,728.18. This is an amendment to the original approved BOC approval date of February 17, 2021, due to an account and amount change. Account #:1010.G800.4950.1304
d.   A request from the Lorain Utilities Department for approval to purchase 3 (three) new servers from Dell Computer in the amount of $43,500.96. Funds for the purchase will come from facility improvement portion of the budget GL account 6020.P602.4000.6700.1500 and 6130.P613.4000.6700.1500.
e.   A request from the Lorain Utilities Distribution Department for approval to purchase a router, battery backup, and switch for the computer network at the new Distribution Building from GHA Technologies, Inc. in the amount of $7,275.80. Funds for the purchase will come from Electronic Equipment portion of the budget GL account 6020.P602.6190.6700.1301.

f.   The Building, Housing and Planning Department requests approval for a Home Repair loan for a new roof at 405 W. 34th Street for Margarita Chaney in the amount of $13,530 (which includes a 10% contingency of $1,230). Proposals were received from Dan Williams Roofing ($12,300), Erie Shores Roofing ($8,300), Farley’s Roofing ($11,600) and Kaminski Roofing ($13,950) for new roof repairs. Dan Williams Roofing provided the most robust quote and includes 4 sheets of plywood before additional costs are incurred and 2-ply flintlastic roofing on the carport. The work will be paid out of the Block Grant Emergency Home Repair funds contingent on compliance with other federal requirements, including environmental reviews.

g.   Request from BHP to authorize the Safety/Service Director to enter into an agreement to settle and resolve all claims related to the EDA Revolving Loan Fund and issuing a payment to EDA in the amount of $641,055.83 to settle all claims.  This payment will be funded from 2340.R225.9500.1101.  This was approved by Council on 06/30/21.