THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2019- 6:00 PM

A. Call to Order/Pledge  
B. Roll Call  
C. Changes to the Agenda  
D.   Approval of Minutes
June 6, 2019
E. New Business  
1.   Public hearing and consideration of a request by Stephen Hollenbeck for DSA-19-00053: Housing Product to add one custom home floor plan in conjunction with a previously approved Housing Product. Said housing product to be specifically located at 2134 St Andrews Drive within the Los Portales subdivision.    (Planner Joseph Horn)
Approved with Conditions
2.   Public hearing and consideration of a request by Brown Homes for DSA-19-00057:  Conditional Use Permit for the construction of an additional single family model-home to be added to the existing sales complex with a temporary parking lot located at 657, 663, 669, and 675 West Nova Court within the Los Portales subdivision.    (Planner Joseph Horn)
Approved with Conditions
3.   Public hearing and consideration of a request by The WLB Group for the following land use approvals for 42.3 acres of land generally located at the NW corner of Casa Grande Avenue and O’Neil Drive:
a. DSA-19-00013: Zone Change from R-1A (Single Family Residential) to Planned Area Development (PAD) to create a 205 unit active adult manufactured home community.   Approved
b. DSA-19-00012: Major Site Plan to implement a 205 unit active adult manufactured home community. (Planner Joseph)  Approved
4.   Public hearing and consideration of a Conditional Use Permit (DSA-19-00026) by ABC & 123 Small Blessings Center LLC for a day care center in a B-2 (General Business) zoned district located at 1530 N. Pinal Avenue.  (Planner Laura Blakeman)
Approved with Conditions
F. Call to the Public  
G. Reports by Planning Director  
1. Minor Site Plans Administratively Approved:
a. DSA-19-00051 for  Casa Grande RV Storage to add two canopies and reflect minor revisions that occurred between Major Site Plan approval and Site Development review.
Approved: 6/26/19     Planner: James Gagliardi

b. DSA-19-00040 for Schultz RV Storage to add canopies over the RV storage spaces. 

Approved: 6/20/2019     Planner: Joseph Horn
2. Board of Adjustment Decisions:
3. City Council Decisions on Planning Commission Recommendations:
a. DSA-19-00037 - Zone Change for five acres of land located east of Trekell Rd., south of Kortsen Rd., abutting Cottonwood Ranch.  The request is to change from B-2 (General Business) and C-O (Commercial Office) to R-2 (Multi-Family Residential).

1st Reading Approved: July 8, 2019     Planner: James Gagliardi
4. Monthly Development Center Reports:  
H. Adjournment  
Note:  This meeting is open to the public.  All interested people are welcome to attend.  Supporting documents and staff reports, which were furnished to the Commission with this Agenda, are available for review in the City Clerk’s Office or online at
Disabled individuals with special accessibility needs may contact ADA Coordinator for the City of Casa Grande at 520-421-8600 or TDD 520-421-8623.  If possible, such requests should be made 72 hours in advance.

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Gloria Leija, MMC
City Clerk