Yolo County Community Corrections Partnership


Monday, May 9, 2022, 1:30 p.m.
Community Corrections Partnership (CCP)
(* denotes Executive Committee Member)
Chief Probation Officer: Dan Fruchtenicht*
Presiding Judge or Designee: Shawn Landry*
County Supervisor: Oscar Villegas
District Attorney: Jeff Reisig*
Public Defender: Tracie Olson*
Sheriff: Tom Lopez*
Chief of Police (Winters): John Miller*
Head of Department of Social Services: Nolan Sullivan
Head of Department of Mental Health: Karleen Jakowski
Head of Department of Employment: Nolan Sullivan
Head of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Programs: Ian Evans*
Head of County Office of Education: Garth Lewis
Community-Based Organization Representative: Marc Nigel
Individual who represents interests of victims: Laura Valdes


NOTE: This meeting is being agendized to allow Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) Members, staff and the public to participate in the meeting via teleconference, pursuant to Government Code section 54953(e)(1) (as amended by Assembly Bill 361), available at the following link

Teleconference options to join Zoom meeting:

By PC: https://yolocounty.zoom.us/j/85766303308

Meeting ID: 857 6630 3308
By Phone: (408) 638-0968
Meeting ID: 857 6630 3308

Government Code section 54953(e)(1) authorizes local legislative bodies to hold public meetings via teleconference and to make public meetings accessible telephonically or otherwise electronically to all members of the public. Members of the public are encouraged to observe and participate in the teleconference.

If you are joining the meeting via Zoom and wish to make a comment on an item, press the "raise a hand" button. If you are joining the meeting by phone, press *9 to indicate a desire to make comment. The Chair will call you by name or phone number when it is your turn to comment. Speakers will be limited to 3 minutes (subject to change).
CCP Mission
The mission of the Yolo County Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) is to protect the public by holding offenders accountable and providing opportunities that support victim and community restoration, offender rehabilitation and successful reintegration.
CCP Goals
Goal 1: Ensure a safe environment for all residents and visitors by reducing and preventing local crime and reducing recidivism
Goal 2: Restore victims and the community and hold offenders accountable
Goal 3: Build offender competency and support community reintegration
1. Call to Order (Fruchtenicht)  
CCP Full Membership Action Item: Consider approval of the agenda. (Fruchtenicht)
CCP Full Membership Action Item: Authorize remote (teleconference/videoconference) meetings by finding, pursuant to Assembly Bill 361, that (a) the COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency is ongoing, and (b) meeting in person would present imminent risks to the health or safety of attendees. (Fruchtenicht)
Public Comment: Opportunity for members of the public to address the CCP on subjects relating to CCP business and not otherwise on the agenda. Speakers will be limited to 3 minutes (subject to change).
CCP Full Membership Action Item: Approve minutes of the April 14, 2022 meeting. (Fruchtenicht) 
6. Member Announcements  
Review status of Mental Health Diversion program funded by CCP. (Wais/Olson/Santiago/Narez)
Receive presentation on the baseline of Victim Satisfaction Surveys. (Valdes/Hsiao)
Receive update on efforts to implement vocational development services. (Fruchtenicht) 
CCP Full Membership Action Item: Receive status update on implementation of the 2019-2022 CCP Strategic Plan and provide input on objectives that should be carried over to the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan; finalize dates for CCP community engagement meetings; and approve the addition of a CCP meeting on June 6, 2022 for strategic planning. (Pyeatt/Fruchtenicht) 
11. Adjournment (Fruchtenicht)  
Next Meeting: June 6, 2022
This agenda was posted in accordance with the Brown Act. If requested, it can be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rules and Regulations adopted implementation thereof. Persons seeking an alternative format, or who require a modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services in order to participate in the meeting should contact the CCP Analyst as soon as possible (preferably at least 24 hours prior to the meeting) at (530) 666-8150 or Clinton.Pyeatt@yolocounty.org or:
CCP Analyst
Yolo County Administrator’s Office
625 Court Street, Room 202
Woodland, CA 95695