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Meeting Date: 09/20/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon a swimming pool heater at Lakeside Park Pool;
The Board approved $150,000 in the 2018 Capital Budget to heat Ridgewood Park Pool. No changes to this amount are required to renovate/heat the Lakeside Park Pool.
The revenue potential is increased at Lakeside Park Pool by 20%. With six lanes versus five, the hourly rate at which Lakeside could be rented to contract user groups under the current fee structure exceeds Ridgewood Pool ($39.00/hr. [6 lanes x $6.50 per lane hour] vs. $32.50/hr.[5 lanes x $6.50 per lane hour])
Additionally, the large shallow end at Lakeside means that increased programming revenues could also be realized. Annual heating expenses will be slightly higher at Lakeside Pool due to larger surface area of the water versus Ridgewood (5,600 sf versus 4,300 sf) but additional revenues should offset any difference in expenses.
During the 2017 Budget hearings for Fiscal Year 2018, the Board of Directors considered adding a 50 meter swimming pool to the community’s parks system. The 50 meter pool was not added; however it was determined that a need existed to added additional heated lap lane space in the community and allocated $150,000 for a fourth pool heater to be installed at Ridgewood Pool (Attachment  A  -  2018 Parks & Recreation Capital Codes and  Attachment B - 2018 Request for Capital Asset).
In the following months, parks and recreation department staff considered both internal and external programming possibilities for Ridgewood Pool. The overwhelming feedback received from both programming staff and potential external customers from within the community was that another location, Lakeside Pool, would be preferable for reasons related to potential revenue, programming flexibility, and location.
Justification for the move from Ridgewood to Lakeside include but are not limited to:
  • Lakeside Pool would provide the 1st heated pool in the northern section of the community rather than adding a 3rd heated location to the central or south-west, which reaches additional resident (Attachment C - Map of Heated Pools)
  • Lakeside is a 6-lane pool and Ridgewood is a 5-lane pool. There is 20% additional capacity on a per-hour lane rental basis alone (currently $39.00/hr. [6 lanes x $6.50 per lane hour] vs. $32.50/hr. [5 lanes x $6.50 per lane hour])
  • Lakeside has been a  popular location for summer recreational and competitive swim teams as well as instructional swim programming. By heating it, the Township may expand those programs year-round and tap into an additional revenue sources.
  • Lakeside has a larger shallow area than any of the currently heated pools. This allows additional revenue potential for should season swim lessons.
  • Lakeside has additional parking, deck space, and storage as compared to Ridgewood.
Approve the change in locations of the heated pool approved in the 2018 Budget Capital Asset Request from Ridgewood Park Pool  to Lakeside Park Pool.
Attachment A - Captial Project Budget Codes
Attachment B - 2018 Capital Budget Asset Request Pool Heater
Attachment C - Heated Pool Map


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