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Meeting Date: 09/20/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon a Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with Inspire Film Festival (C-2018-0511);
There is minimal expense to the Township related to the Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with no lost revenue as fees have not been assessed for the venue.  As the festival is growing in local, state, national and international acclaim, there may be additional sales tax and hotel occupancy revenue to the Township due to hosting the event.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Board of Directors approved a $25,000 Advertising Partnership Agreement with the Festival for the 2018 event and are considering continued support for the 2019 Festival. 
In January 2018, the Township Board of Directors approved a one-year Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with Inspire Film Festival (IFF) to host the festival at Township owned and operated facilities.  As the Film Festival has been highly successful, a new multi-year Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement has been prepared for consideration (Attachment A). The terms and conditions of the new agreement is similar to the previous, with some expanded use of Township equipment as in-kind services. 
Based on national film festival formats, Inspire Film Festival opened in 2017 to raving reviews and even sold out venues in just its first year. The second year was equally as successful as indicated in the Report on 2018 Film Festival (Attachment B).  It is the belief from many that this festival, which is unique in featuring inspirational films, will continue to grow in local, state, national and international acclaim.

The destination of The Woodlands has a great opportunity to become nationally-recognized through this festival, given the high quality environment presented by The Woodlands and its outdoor and indoor venues and related hotel accommodations.

IFF has requested to again use the Fountains at Waterway Square for its outdoor presentation of short films utilizing the stage and related screen and projectors. There were no issues reported to the Township regarding the use of Waterway Square. 

In addition, IFF is requesting to again use the Township's Ice Rink facility for the future Festivals as Cinemark Theaters has reduced the seating capacity available to the Festival.  It is anticipated that the 2019 Festival will have two pop-up theaters in the Ice Rink facility to accommodate the growing attendance.  In addition the Ice Rink provides an alternative location in the event inclement weather prohibits the use of Waterway Square. Township staff has met with the Founder and Festival Director and find no issues or concerns with the use of the facility for the festival. While The Township retains exclusive use of the facility through March 15, The Ice Rink season ends on Martin Luther King Day in January, therefore there is no conflict with ice rink operations and the festival is a good use of the ice rink facility. 
Approve the Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with Inspire Film Festival, Inc. and authorize the President/ General Manager to execute the agreement in final form as approve by the Township. 
Attachment B - Report on the 2018 Film Festival


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