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Meeting Date: 06/17/2021  

Receive, consider and act upon matters regarding the Draft 2020 Incorporation Planning Study (C-2017-0433 & C-2018-0138A) and Incorporation-related financial matters;
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In early 2018, the Township engaged consulting firms to assist with the incorporation planning process. The incorporation planning study includes public input opportunities, a financial and benchmarking/best practices analysis, a tax rate study, an assessment of law enforcement needs, a pavement management study, and a review of infrastructure management alternatives (such as the structure of MUDs and water services).The Matrix Consulting Group was the lead consultant in 2018 and The Novak Consulting Group performed a parallel financial analysis. In December 2018, the Board contracted with The Novak Consulting Group to take the lead role for the remainder of the study. 

Throughout 2018, the Township Board held regularly scheduled planning sessions to review and discuss the incorporation planning study and substudy reports with contracted consulting firms. In 2019 and for the remainder of the study process, planning sessions were scheduled with representatives of The Novak Consulting Group, as needed. Additional information on the study and all reports submitted to date can be found on the study website at  The Incorporation Planning Study was placed on hold in Spring of 2020 due to the pandemic.  

Since tabling the Incorporation Planning Study, there have been some various events  which impact the subject and underlying assumptions, to include roadway or thoroughfare projects and plans, subsidence studies and flood mitigation, as well as developments in state and federal legislation.    The Township Board, at its May 26, 2021 meeting, indicated that it desired a status report on various financial aspects of incorporation, given the one year hiatus.  
Board to determine action.
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