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Meeting Date: 03/21/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a recommendation from the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee regarding placement of The Waterway Arts District banners;
$10,000 approved for signage and marketing from the Events and Admissions Tax account. The cost to fabricate the banners is estimated at $6,000 - $7,000. The Township charges $125 per banner for installation. The $1,750 would be absorbed in the Parks and Recreation budget.
At its September 26, 2018 meeting, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors tasked the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee to develop a concept regarding the recognition of the Cultural Arts with an officially recognized geographic location in The Woodlands.

At the October 8, 2018, the Economic Development Committee determined a need for funding for naming and branding of the Cultural Arts District, and creative material development such as signage, marketing, and promotions. On October 18, 2018, the Township Board approved a request for $10,000 to be funded from the Events and Admissions Tax account.

With support from the Economic Development Committee, the Township Board approved The Waterway Arts District as the name of the designated arts area, as well as approving the boundary map and logo at the December 5, 2018 Board Meeting.

At the February 21, 2019 meeting, the Township Economic Development Committee asked Director of Community Relations, Nick Wolda to move forward with identifying permanent locations for The Waterway Arts District banners within portions of the district to include Town Green Park, The Woodlands Waterway, and Waterway Square. The Committee has a goal to have these approved by The Woodlands Township Board of Directors and the appropriate design review committees, and possibly installed by The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, which is the second weekend of April.

Community Relations has identified 70 light pole locations in The Woodlands Waterway area and is seeking competitive pricing from sign companies to fabricate the banners. 

The Development Standards Committee (DSC) and Community Standards Committee (CSC) have authority over the design and placement of street light banners and will be reviewing.

Staff is recommending that the Board proceed with the installation of the banners contingent on the cost of the banner fabrication being within the authorized budget and the DSC and CSC approval of the banner design and location.

Nick Wolda will present placement and banner design at the March 21, 2019 Township Board meeting.
Accept the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee and staff as oulined above.


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