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Meeting Date: 03/21/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an Interlocal Agreement between Montgomery County Hospital District and The Woodlands Township for the lease of cardiac monitors/defibrillators (C-2019-0008);
$56,375.01 annually contained within The Woodlands Fire Department’s 2019 Operations Budget.        
Currently The Woodlands Fire Department owns and maintains cardiac monitors/defibrillators for the delivery of emergency medical care for the citizens we serve. The current monitors have reached their end of service life, 6-10 years.  For years, the department maintained and replaced units when necessary.  The department had budgeted $700,000 in the Capital Reserve Plan to replace this equipment and $25,000 to maintain these units in 2019.   However, WFD entered into discussions with the Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) to review and determine a more efficient method to serve the public and increase the quality of care to our citizens in regards to the purchase and or lease of cardiac monitors.  It was determined that a common leasing option with a major vendor would be more cost effective than each agency owning and maintaining the units.  This approach would allow each agency to share the units for increased quality care from the initial patient contact to the emergency room.  Currently the cardiac monitors are switched out at the scene between WFD and MCHD prior to EMS transport because the units are owned by each agency and often not compatible with each other.
MCHD has agreed to enter into an agreement with Zoll for cardiac monitors in sufficient numbers to accommodate the fire department’s needs (14).  An Interlocal Agreement between the MCHD and the Township to lease monitors will be a more cost effective approach and increase the quality of patient care.  The department is recommending approval of the attached Interlocal Agreement in lieu of a capital purchase for $700,000 for these devices for a period of six years at the cost of $56,375.01 annually. 
Interlocal Agreement Advantages:
  • Improved patient care - all monitors will be alike enabling seamless transfer of the patient from the scene to the hospital.  The monitor first attached to the patient would stay with the patient capturing all of the patient’s data.
  • Improved knowledge and training – being familiar with and train on one device instead of two.  Additionally, when MCHD upgrades monitors, new devices will be provided to the fire department.
  • Improved maintenance and reliability of devices- when a maintenance/supply issue occurs the Fire Department will exchange out the device with MCHD personnel.  All supplies for the cardiac monitors will be provided by MCHD.  MCHD would also be responsible for ongoing maintenance and yearly calibration of all monitors.  

After review and discussions with our Medical Director, MCHD, and our Medical Quality Assurance Committee, the fire department believes the most prudent option would be to partner with MCHD to supply WFD with cardiac monitors and recommends approval of the Interlocal agreement (attached).
Approve the Interlocal Agreement between Montgomery County Hospital District and The Woodlands Township for the lease of cardiac monitors/defibrillators in the amount of $56,375.01 annually for six years.
WFD Lease Agreement for Zoll Cardiac Monitors
Cardiac Lease Spreadsheet


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