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Meeting Date: 03/27/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon the purchase of a replacement pathway utility vehicle; 
The 2019 Adopted Budget allocates $18,000 for the replacement of an existing Kawasaki Mule pathway utility vehicle.  The request for approval is to change the brand identified in the Capital Budget request and depart from what has been the standard model of pathway utility vehicles in the fleet.

After the 2019 Budget request was submitted, staff determined that due to the increasing maintenance costs associated with the Kawasaki's  ($1,500 to $1,750 per vehicle, per year) and shorter projected useful  life span, a Honda Pioneer model would be more economical for The Woodlands Township. Preliminary pricing quotes indicate the cost of the comparable Honda brand vehicle to be approximately $16,540 including a five-year warranty. Remaining dollars would be used to purchase vehicle identification markings  and for after market equipment. 
Pathway utility vehicles are the backbone to The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department’s Pathway Patrol program. With 220 miles of existing pathway, approximately 15 miles of natural trails in the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, and planned extensions of miles to come in the Village of Creekside Park, these vehicles are critical in insuring the safety and security of the pathway system. Park Rangers provide pathway patrol up to 18 hours per day.
Currently, the Pathway Patrol program’s fleet consists of four (4) Kawasaki Mules (Attachment A). During the 2019 Budget process, a Request for Capital Asset (Attachment B) was approved by the Board of Directors based on the standard Kawasaki model.  Subsequent to the budget process, an analysis revealed  that the Kawasaki model vehicles appear to have higher maintenance costs, are challenged with reliability, due in part to the number of miles being driven, and are not well suited for  natural trail surfaces. Therefore, staff reviewed other makes and models that would be better suited for pathway inspection vehicles and found that the Honda Pioneer seems to be a good replacement for the Kawasaki model.
It is proposed to purchase a  Honda Pioneer 700-4 (Attachment C), instead of the Kawasaki model as originally presented and approved in the 2019 Budget, in an effort to address the concerns identified above. Upon Board of Directors approval, the Purchasing Policy provides the President/General Manager authority to proceed with the purchasing process.
Approve the purchase of a Honda Pioneer Pathway Utility Vehicle instead of the Kawasaki model as presented herein.
Attachment A - Kawaski Mule
Attachment B - 2019 Budget Request
Attachment C - Honda Pioneer


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