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Meeting Date: 01/23/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon matters regarding the Incorporation Planning Study (C-2017-0433 & C-2018-0138A);
     a.   Staff Report on Financial Model analysis
     b.   Discussion of initiatives to be included in final financial model
     c.   Presentation on community outreach program
     d.   Discussion of Upcoming Schedule
In early 2018, the Township engaged consulting firms to assist with the incorporation planning process. The incorporation planning study includes public input opportunities, a financial and benchmarking/best practices analysis, a tax rate study, an assessment of law enforcement needs, a pavement management study, and a review of infrastructure management alternatives (such as the structure of MUDs and water services).

In November 2018, the preliminary results of the two contracted independent financial analyses were presented at the Township Board’s planning session. Following the November 28 public presentation of the independent reports, the Board directed the Township’s Finance Department to review the preliminary financial reports submitted by the consulting firms and provide an analysis of the major differences between the reports.

In December 2018, in preparation for a final financial model and a robust public outreach process, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors engaged the Novak Consulting Group as the lead firm for the remainder of the project.

At the January 23 meeting, staff will report on its review of the major differences in the independent reports. Following the staff presentation, the Novak Consulting group will discuss initiatives to be included in final financial model, public outreach and the upcoming schedule.
Board to determine action.
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