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Meeting Date: 01/23/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an Interlocal Agreement for Law Enforcement Services with Harris County (C-2019-0009);
$1,287,600 is allocated in the 2019 budget for services provided in the agreement, C-2019-0009.
The Woodlands Township is currently providing law enforcement services in the Village of Creekside Park through an agreement with Harris County. As presented and approved in the 2019 Budget process, a total of twelve (12) personnel will be funded: 11 Deputy Constable and 1 Sergeant through the Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 4.
In addition, funding for 1,000 hours is available in the budget through independent contracts with Harris County Deputy Constables – Precinct 4 for targeted crime prevention initiatives, specialized programs or traffic patrol.
With completion and approval of The Woodlands Township 2019 budget, it is recommended to renew the following public safety service interlocal agreement:
  1. Harris County
    1. Harris County Constable’s Office – Precinct 4
      1. The 2019 interlocal agreement will maintain the same of level of service as 2018. The 2019 agreement reflects the cost of 11 Deputy Constable and 1 Sergeant. The 2019 Budgeted amount is $1,287,600
It is recommended to approve the renewal of the Interlocal Agreement with Harris County, for services provided by the Harris County Constable’s Office – Precinct 4 in the amount of $1,287,600 and authorize the President / General Manager to execute the agreement upon review and approval of legal counsel.
ILA Harris County C2019-0009


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