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Meeting Date: 12/05/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon a report regarding the Conroe ISD Attendance Boundary Process (as requested by Chairman Bunch);
N/A. The Township does not have authority over school district zoning.
A school district typically must revisit the attendance boundaries of its campuses when there are significant shifts in local population or with the development of new campuses. Conroe ISD (CISD) is currently evaluating rezoning K-6 schools in anticipation of the opening of Suchma Elementary located east of Interstate 45 and south of State Highway 242 in August 2019. CISD is targeting between 800 and 850 students for Suchma Elementary to fill the campus and leave capacity for future growth. The new boundary is also intended to relieve capacity issues at Oak Ridge Elementary, Houser Elementary, Ford Elementary and Vogel Intermediate. The District also hopes to evaluate options to provide relief from overcrowding at Hailey Elementary, Glen Loch Elementary and Ride Elementary if feasible.

CISD has implemented its Attendance Boundary Process whereby an Attendance Boundary Committee (ABC) is charged with developing a possible zoning plan, including community feedback, to be presented to the CISD Board. The ABC is comprised of representatives of CISD central administration, principals of potentially impacted campuses and parent representatives for each campus.

Three zoning information presentations were held for the public in October. Three additional come-and-go presentations to solicit community feedback were held in November. The ABC is scheduled to present its final zoning recommendations to the public at three scheduled sessions in January before submitting the final plan to the CISD Board.

The ABC considers numerous factors when developing zoning scenarios. In addition to the importance of community input, the boundary committee considers factors including but not limited to the following: the current feeder pattern and school history; campus capacity; demographics; the potential impacts on families; the location of neighborhoods; transportation corridors and traffic patterns; the possible location of future schools and projected future enrollment for campuses.

The ABC has drafted two proposed zoning scenarios for elementary schools. The proposed scenarios make no changes for CISD students living within the boundaries of the Township. Under either proposal, a CISD student living within the Township boundaries would continue in his or her current feeder system to either The Woodlands High School or College Park High School. The proposed scenarios do make modifications for students residing outside the Township boundaries that attend CISD elementary schools located within the Township boundaries.

Below is a summary of the proposed changes under the elementary school scenarios.

Proposed Elementary Scenario 1. Under this scenario, students residing in zones 47E (Ponderosa Timbers, Lexington), 47F (Oak Forest, Whispering Oaks, Hickory Ridge and Tall Timbers 3) and 47G (Montgomery Creek Ranch) would move from Houser Elementary to Suchma Elementary. Students from zones 47A, 47I, 47J, 47K move from Oak Ridge Elementary to Suchma.

Students residing in zone 58 (south of Sawdust and east of Pruitt) would move from Lamar Elementary to Houser Elementary to create capacity at Lamar for a bilingual program to be added.

Students in zone 70A (on the north side of Timber Lakes) would move from Hailey Elementary to Glen Loch Elementary to relieve overcrowding at Hailey.

Proposed Elementary Scenario 2. This scenario includes the changes in Scenario 1 with additional modifications. Students residing in zones A75 (Dominion Apartments) and A76 (apartments south of FM1488 near Interstate 45) move from Powell Elementary to Houser Elementary to create capacity at Powell to help relieve Ride Elementary. Students in zones 75G and 75D (both within Jacobs Reserve) move from Ride to Powell to reduce overcrowding at Ride.
Staff recommends authorizing the Board Chairman to submit a letter to the Conroe ISD Attendance Boundary Committee (ABC) and Conroe ISD Board of Trustees expressing support for students residing within the Township boundaries to continue to be zoned to their current high school feeder system.


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