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Meeting Date: 12/05/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon the Renewal of Ice Rink Production Services Agreement (C-2016-0100);
The Township shares in the revenue received from the ice rink operation including but not limited to: $4.25 per skater admission paid, 50% of all skate rental, 50% of all ice rink facility rentals and 20% of concessions and retains all revenue from sponsorships. The Contractor is responsible for all operating expenses, equipment and staffing of the operation except for the Township owned dasher board railing system, utilities and marketing.  A summary of attendance and net revenue is provided below:
Season Net Revenue Attendance
2016-2017 $219,434.54 40,767
2017-2018 $204,128.07 38,669
2018-2019 TBD  YTD 4,899  - 30% above prior year
In June 2016, the Township Board of Directors accepted the proposal from Facility Concession Services Inc., DBA Spectrum Catering & Concessions (Spectrum) for ice rink production services and entered into a three year Ice Rink Production Services Agreement (C-2016-0100 - Attachment A).  The initial term of the agreement expires March 15, 2019, unless renewed.  The terms of the agreement provides for up to two (2) additional successive two (2) year renewal terms, for a total of seven (7) years, upon the parties' mutual agreement in writing no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the end of the initial term. Spectrum has provided excellent services in producing the ice rink and fulfilled all contract obligations without issue.  Therefore,  it is recommended to renew the agreement for a two year term.

Attendance for the 2017-2018 season was 5% below the 2016-2017 season.  However, the Township realized more revenue per skater over the operational revenue at the previous temporary facility.  Marketing of the Ice Rink is the sole responsibility of the Township.  The 2018-2019 season includes changes in and expansion of the marketing strategy (Attachment B).  Attendance the first 10 days of the current season is up 30% over the same period last season.
Approve the renewal of the Ice Rink Production Services Agreement with Facility Concession Services Inc., DBA Spectrum Catering & Concessions for a two year term and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a renewal agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - Ice Rink Production Services
Attachment B - Ice Rink Marketing


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