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Meeting Date: 10/24/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon an update on audio visual improvement requests from the Development Standards Committee (DSC); 
The cost estimate to upgrade the audio and visual systems is approximately $36,000.  No funding has been allocated for this project in the 2018 or 2019 Township budgets.   The Board may consider allocating funds from the Undesignated Capital Contingency Reserve.
At the September 26, 2018, Township Board of Directors meeting, the Chairman of the Development Standards Committee (DSC), Walt Lisiewski, requested the Township's Board of Directors consider upgrades to the audio and visual systems in Meeting Room 150/152 in Town Hall - the meeting room  DSC uses twice each month for its meetings.   Chairman Lisiewski cited complaints and comments from fellow committee members and residents that they have a hard time hearing the discussions and seeing the presentations and/or the visual display does not accurately represent the true colors, tints and hues of items under consideration.

The Board directed staff to research the request and provide options for consideration at a future meeting.  Several options for upgrades to both the audio and visual systems have been prepared.

Audio:  Option 1 - replace wireless table microphones with hard-wired fixed microphones ($6,999.02)
              Option 2 - replace wireless table microphones with wide-array ceiling microphones ($11,720.62)

Visual: Option 1 - replace overhead projector and drop down screen with one 98" Ultra High Definition Display/monitor ($23,571.05)
            Option 2 - replace projector and screen with one 85" 4K LED Display/monitor ($17,123.64)
            Option 3 - replace projector and screen with 85" LED Display and add two 85" LED Displays on side walls for three monitors ($24,580.79)

Chairman Lisiewski reviewed these options and indicated a preference for Audio Option 2, the ceiling microphones, provided references confirmed their effectiveness; and he offered another option for the visual: Option 4 - leave overhead projector and screen in place and add two 85" LED Displays on either side of screen.  

The benefits of ceiling microphones is the flexibility to rearrange the table configurations for other meetings and no dependence on having to speak directly into a microphone.  The benefits of leaving the projector and screen and adding two large monitors is providing a very large display for the audience to view the presentation in general with the two monitors providing higher resolution and detail for color and clarity, and providing flexibility in presentation styles for Township and other types of meetings.  
It is recommended to approve Option 2 for the audio system upgrades and Option 4 for the visual upgrades and fund the project from the Undesignated Capital Contingency Reserve approved as to final form by the Township Attorney and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the same.


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