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Meeting Date: 12/05/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon an extension of the term for the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee and the related appointments to the Committee;
The Woodlands Township Board primarily functions as a “committee of the whole” but will from time to time establish committees for specifc issues.
Ad Hoc committees are considered to address specifc issues, when appropriate, as determined by the Board. Ad Hoc committees make recommendations to be discussed and acted on by the full Township Board of Directors; the committee does not have any final decision-making authority. An Ad Hoc Committee, by definition, is temporary and established for a specific task or objective. Once the task is performed or the objective reached, the committee is dissolved. In the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee, a deadline may be set for the time in which they must complete the work, request an extension or end.
In 2013, the Township Board established the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee. The purpose of this Board Committee has been to develop strategies regarding The Woodlands Township’s role in economic development for consideration by The Woodlands Township Board of Directors. In 2016, the Committee worked to identify, through a Request for Proposal process, a consultant for a Cultural Arts Study. The consultant was recommended to The Woodlands Township Board of Directors (Gensler / Webb Management Services) and was approved in fall 2016.
The Economic Development Committee has been meeting on a monthly basis throughout all of 2018 for primary matters regarding the Cultural Arts Study, creation of a designated Arts Area, and guidelines for funding requests from outside arts organizations. With a demonstrated desire for cultural arts in The Woodlands Township, the Board of Directors will determine next steps and the future of the Committee.
The Committee has consisted of three Township Directors, as appointed by the Township Board Chair. Currently, the Committee is chaired by Dr. Ann Snyder and includes committee members of John McMullan and Carol Stromatt. Township staff liaison is Nick Wolda, Director of Community Relations and President of Visit The Woodlands. Township President Don Norrell, Assistant to the President Karen Dempsey, Assistant General Manager John Powers and Township Attorney Robin Cross are very active participants in the committee meetings.

Appointments in the past have been made annually and are for the duration of the stated purpose, or until successors are assigned.
Extend the term for the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee and affirm the Chairman's appointments to the committee.


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