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Meeting Date: 12/05/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon the extension of the term for the Drainage Task Force and the related appointment to the Committee;
There is no direct fiscal impact related to the Drainage Task Force.
In response to the historic high water events that occurred in April and May, 2016 (in and around The Woodlands area) that caused property damage and severe street flooding in The Woodlands, the Township Board of Directors directed the development of a task force to provide an opportunity to facilitate discussion of community drainage concerns and to discuss how to improve the performance of the storm drainage systems that serve properties in The Woodlands Township. (Attachment A).  The suggested focus of this task force is to work cooperatively with all organizations that have a role in the planning, development, management and maintenance of drainage systems within the Township boundaries to:
  • focus on ways to improve the short term and long term performance of existing drainage systems, and
  • seek to assure that drainage systems in growth areas adjacent to The Woodlands will not negatively impact property located within The Woodlands Township boundaries.
The Township does not have direct responsibility or authority over drainage systems within the community; however, the Township is committed to helping to find solutions to community issues. There is no single agency that has responsibility for planning, managing and maintaining all of the drainage systems in The Woodlands. The statutory authority including funding for drainage systems in The Woodlands is vested primarily in the Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs), the County governments and the San Jacinto River Authority. 

The Task Force has met fourteen times since the creation with the last meeting being November 27, 2018.  Meeting Summaries have been posted on the Township website the most recent of which is attached as reference (Attachment B).   As a result of Hurricane Harvey, the representation of the task force was expanded by the Task Force Chair to include representatives from Congressman Brady's Office, Senator Creighton's Office, Representative Keogh's Office, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and MUD 46.  

In 2016, the Board authorized the Chairman of the Board to appoint the Chair for the Task Force and Bruce Rieser was appointed. 

It is recommended to extend the term of the Drainage Task Force and to affirm the Chairman's selection of a Township Director to serve as the Chair of the Task Force.
Attachment A - Executive Summary Creation of Drainage Task Force
Attachment B - Drainage Task Force Meeting Summary


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