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Meeting Date: 10/24/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for Park Maintenance Services (C-2018-0559), Pathway Maintenance Services (C-2018-0384), and for Cul-de-Sac Islands Maintenance (C-2018-0385);
The current 2018 value of the multiple landscape maintenance service agreements (parks, pathways, cul de sacs islands, sportsfields, all weather turf and fire stations) totals $2,608,922.94.  The 2019 Adopted Budget allocates a total of $3,005,851 for all contracted landscape maintenance services. These services are budgeted in various department and division budgets: Park Operations, Aquatics, Recreation, Town Center and Fire Department.  In addition to the base level of routine maintenance services, an additional $306,889.02 was spent in 2017 and $131,825.60 has been spent in 2018 (YTD) on other landscape renovations, turf replacement and irrigation repairs not specified in the scope of the contracts but has been funded from the collective budgets.
The lowest responsive bid for park maintenance services was submitted by Yellowstone Landscape at an annual cost of  $2,193,552. The total of the other landscape maintenance services contracts is $1,093,129.04.  Therefore the total amount required in 2019 to fund all the landscape maintenance contracts is $3,286,682 (Table 1).  As the 2019 Budget provides $3,005,851, the shortfall is $280,830.04 and does not include funding for the additional expenses not included in the contracts such as landscape repairs and renovations, turf replacement or irrigation repairs. The budget has historically provided approximately $310,000 per year for those contingencies.
Combined Contracted Services
Vendor Service Cost
Yellowstone Park Maintenance $ 2,193,552.00
De Angelo Fire Stations $      63,528.00
Sportsfield Solutions Sports Field Maintenance $    553,896.00
Act Global All Weather Turf Maintenance $    151,559.44
All Service * Pathway Maintenance $    198,000.00
Texas Wall* Cul-de-Sac Island Maintenance $    126,146.50
Total   $ 3,286,681.94
* denotes vendors currently providing month-to-month services and who submitted the second lowest bids for those services previously.

Considering a $200,000 contingency for additional landscape services that may occur in 2019 and the historical positive variances in the Streetscape Maintenance Budget, it is recommended to re-allocate $480,830 from the Streetscape Budget to the budgets for contracted park and pathway services.   In 2014, the Board increased the budget for Streetscape maintenance beginning in the 2015 Budget year over $900,000 to address resident concerns for additional roadside mowings and other community maintenance issues.  The positive variance has averaged over $500,000 the past three years. This is due in part that the additional / enhanced services were not warranted or the contractor was not able to perform the services.  With this in mind, the Board could fund the shortfall in the park and pathway contracts from a reallocation from the Streetscape Budget for 2019 and during the 2020 Budget process, re-evaluate the funding needs for future years.  
Over the course of the past six months, the Board of Directors has reviewed contracted services for park and pathway maintenance services.  At the May 23, 2018 meeting, the Board directed staff to reduce the scope of the Park and Pathway Maintenance Services Agreement with BrightView (C-2016-001) removing pathway maintenance, cul-de-sac island maintenance, sports field maintenance, fire station landscape maintenance and all-weather turf maitnenance and obtain bids for those services through a competitive bid process.  At the Board’s August 22, 2018 meeting, the Board awarded separate bids for the maintenance of pathways, cul-de-sac islands, sportsfields, all weather turf and fire station landscape and directed that bids be solicited for park maintenance services with a term to begin January 1, 2019.

Contracts have been executed for fire station landscape maintenance, sportsfield maintenance and all-weather turf maintenance.  However, upon notification of award, two companies responded that they made errors in their submitted unit bid pricing: Maldonado Landscaping for the Cul-de-Sac Island Maintenance contract & Texas Wall and Landscape for the Pathway Maintenance Services contract.  

Maldonado indicated the correct unit price for servicing jumbo cul-de-sac islands should have been $10,000 per cycle instead of $5,000 as submitted, increasing their bid to $148,000, placing them second to low bid.

Texas Wall indicated their unit price per cycle of pathway maintenance should have been $25,916.70 instead of $11,250 as submitted, increasing their bid to $311,000, placing them fourth highest bid.

As the Board action did not provide authority to award contracts to other contractors for any reason, and considering these services were removed from BrightView’s contract effective October 1, staff proceeded to retain the next lowest bidders for the two contracts in question on month-to-month contracts to provide the services. 
  1. Texas Wall was the next lowest bidder for cul-de-sac island maintenance. As all cycles of the small cul-de-sac islands maintenance has been performed for 2018 & the 2019 cycle for small island service does not begin until March 2019, only 2 cycles of jumbo island maintenance remained to be performed in 2018.  Texas Wall’s bid was $7,292 per cycle. They agreed to perform the services month-to-month through 12/31/18.
  2. All Service Striping was the next lowest bidder for the Pathway Services at $16,500 per month/cycle. 3 cycles remain for 2018.  They agreed to perform the services month-to-month through 12/31/18.
  3. The temporary month-to-month contract values are within the purchasing authority provided the President/General Manager.
These two services were added as “Add Alternates” to the Invitation for Bids for the Park Maintenance Services contract, thereby providing the Board options for consideration regarding the pathway maintenance contract and the cul-de-sac island contract:  
  1. waive the irregularities in the bids considered August 22 and award the bids at the higher prices to the two companies orginally awarded the bids;
  2. award the bids to the original second lowest bidders (All Service Striping for Pathway Maintenance at $198,000 & Texas Wall for Cul-de-Sac island maintenance at $126,146.50);
  3. consider the Add Alternates included in the bids for the Park Maintenance Services, combining pathway maintenance and cul-de-sac island maintenance and park maintenance into one contract.  Note: The Board and staff believe it may be best served to have separated contracts for the various maintenance services instead of combined services.  
An Invitation for Bids  was advertised on The Woodlands Township website on August 24, 2018 and in The Woodlands Villager on September 5, 2018 (Attachment A).  Questions for clarifications were due on October 9, 2018 and bids were due on October 12, 2018.  Four (4) completed bids were submitted (Attachment B). An additional bid was submitted by Texas Wall but only for the add alternates, which is higher than current providers. A bid tabulation has been prepared (Attachment C) a summary of which is provided in the table below.
2019-2021 Park Maintenance Bid (annual cost) Maldonado Land Care Yellowstone Terracare Texas Wall
Park Maintenance  $4,280,590.56  $3,469,951.92  $2,193,552.00  $5,301,468.00  
Add Alternate A- Pathway Maintenance  $422,837.28  $365,133.60  $646,488.00  $1,137,780.00  $294,000.00
Add Alternate B  Cul De Sac Maintenance  $277,373.28  $355,643.16  $219,780.00  $439,704.00  $267,996.00
Add Alt C Total (Parks, Pathways, CDS)  $4,981,125.24  $4,190,728.68  $2,626,704.00  $6,914,904.00  
The lowest responsive bidder is Yellowstone Landscape for park maintenance at $2,193,552.00.  While there is a large spread between the lowest and the second lowest bid, it is thought that this may be in part to the size of the company and Yellowstone having a high degree of understanding of the Township's park system. Yellowstone Landscape is a company formed by the merger of Piedmont Landscape Contractors, BIO Landscape and Maintenance and Austin Outdoor.  BIO was a prior service provider to the Township who held the park and pathway maintenance contract between 2010 and 2015. In 2015, the Board awarded the contract to BrightView, as BIO began to struggle with providing the services as specifed.  As the scope of the park maintenance contract has been reduced with other contractors performing portions of the work, it is believed that Yellowstone Landscape can perform to the standards and expectations set forth in the terms of the specifications and contract. 

As the amounts of the second low bidders for the bids considered by the Board on August 22 are lower than the bids submitted for Add Alternates in the Park Maintenance Bid, it is more cost effective to award the bid for Pathway Maintenance to  All Service Striping at $198,000 and award the bid for Cul-de-Sac Island Maintenance to Texas Wall at $126,146.50 as previoulsy submitted.
Award the bid for Park Maintenance Services (C-2018-0559) to Yellowstone Landscape, award the bid for Pathway Maintenance Services to All Service Striping (C-2018-0384), award the bid to Texas Wall for Cul-de-Sac Island Maintenance (C-2018-0385), authorize the President/General Manager to execute the services agreements in connection therewith as approved to form by the Township Attorney and amend the 2019 Budget to reallocate $480,830 from contracted Streetscape Maintenance to contracted Parks and Pathway Maintenance.
Attachment A - Invitation for Bids Park Maintenance
Attachment C- Bid Tabulation Summary Park Maintenance Bids


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