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Meeting Date: 03/28/2018  

Receive, consider, and act upon a Release and Indemnity Agreement with The Woodlands Land Development Co. for "Rock the Row" (C-2018-0198);
There is no financial impact with this agreement. All expenses related to the Spring “Rock The Row” series would be paid for by The Woodlands Land Development Company.; any sponsorship revenue revenue generated from the event would be remitted to TWLDC to offset the Event's production costs. 
The Woodlands Township developed the  “Rock the Row” live music experience in 2016. “Rock The Row” is a concert in the park series which provides an opportunity to activate the bandshell at Hughes Landing by attracting residents and visitors to this area.   The series is conducted in the summer and fall with each series having 4-6 concerts per series and attracts up to 500 people per concert. 
The Woodlands Township was contacted by The Woodlands Land Development Company to add another concert series in the spring using the name “Rock the Row” for the additional concert series. In order to retain the "Rock The Row" brand and to insure consistency of the experience, an agreement was developed to permit The Woodlands Development Company to produce the additional series using the name “Rock the Row”.
Legal counsel has completed a review of the release and indemnity agreement and has found it to be acceptable (Attachment A). 
Authorize the President/General Manager to execute the Release and Indemnity Agreement (C-2018-0198).
Attachment A - Release Indemnity Agreement Rock the Row Spring Series


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