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Meeting Date: 04/19/2018  

Receive, consider, and act upon matters regarding the Incorporation Planning Study (C-2017-0433 & C-2018-0138);  
Up to $872,500 to be funded from the Incorporation Reserve.
At the Board planning session on March 22, the Board directed the Matrix and Novak Consulting firms to work with the Incorporation Planning Task Force to develop recommended plans for consideration by the Board regarding the calendar, public outreach, website and selection of peer cities. A conference call between the consultants and the Task Force took place on April 9, 2018
Calendar / Meetings
  1. The Committee recommends that the meeting calendar established for the incorporation planning process be changed as follows:
    1. Thursday meetings
      1. 4 p.m. - Incorporation planning updates
      2. 6 p.m. – Regular Board meeting
    2. Wednesday meetings starting April 25th
      1. 4 p.m. – Regular Board Meeting
      2. 6 p.m. – Incorporation Planning subjects / public input 
  2. The April 25th meeting (at 6 p.m.) is recommended to be a general meeting about the incorporation planning process
    1. The Matrix Consulting Team will provide an overview of the incorporation planning process and key studies to be undertaken and explain the plan for the public involvement process.
    2. In addition, Matrix will list out the known frequently asked questions that will be posted online and ask for additional questions to be answered later
    3. Following the Matrix presentation, the Board will open the floor to public comment. 
    4. Staff will provide a news release and social media releases encouraging the public to attend the April 25th Board meeting (at 6pm) to present their questions about incorporation to the Board.
    5. Send information about the meeting to the media, Village Associations, the Chamber of Commerce and EDP
  3. For the Wednesday meetings in May 2018 through January 2019, the Committee recommends, that the agenda item include the specific incorporation planning issue or issues and that the presentation by the consultant be followed by public comment.
  4. The Committee recommends that two public forums be added to the current calendar
    1. a mid-September and a mid-November “Town Hall” forum is proposed be added to the incorporation planning calendar.
    2. specific dates will be proposed by Matrix
    3. additional Town Hall forums may be proposed in 2019.
Public Outreach (Outside of the above Board meetings)
  1. The Committee recommends that Matrix attend meetings of each of the Village Associations to present the process and to gather public feedback.
    1.  The Committee recommends that at least one Incorporation Planning Task Force member be in attendance at each of these of the Village Association meetings.
  2. The Committee recommends that Matrix meet with the MUDs to address the incorporation planning process and seek feedback
    1. The Committee recommends that Director Rieser be part of the MUD process
  3. The Committee recommends that Matrix set up public forums for the business community
    1. This is proposed to be accomplished through the Chamber and EDP
  4. The Committee recommends a community survey be initiated later in the planning process preferably around the time of the first Town Hall meeting.  This process would allow more information based on the completed reports to be provided to the public prior to answering survey questions about incorporation.
  1. The Committee recommends that the consultant place information on their web site which provides the following process for the consultant to respond to questions from the public.
    1. Questions submitted from the public to Matrix and Matrix would develop a response.
    2. The response from Matrix would be reviewed by the Task Force and a recommendation forwarded to the Board it its next meeting.
    3. The Board would approve all responses at a regularly posted open meeting prior to Matrix responding to the submitter and posting on the web site.
    4. All changes and additions to the Township Incorporation FAQ on the web site would require Board approval.
    5. The process to be used will be explained up front so the submitter understands that the response will not be immediate
  2. The Committee recommends that Matrix maintain a website with links to the Township
    1. The Matrix website would provide general background, the fact sheet and would have links to the incorporation planning session videos (live and archived)
    2. The Matrix website would provide direction on how to ask questions of the Committee
    3. Questions and responses on the website would require Board approval prior to posting 
    4. The Township website will link to the Matrix site for information related to the study
Peer Cities
  1. The Committee recommends five peer cities be used for the financial analysis as these best represented the per capital income, home values and population similar to The Woodlands
    1. Frisco
    2. Allen
    3. Sugarland
    4. Round Rock
    5. Southlake
Approve the recommendations of the Incorporation Planning Task Fore as provided in the Executive Summary. 
Matrix Memos to Incorporation Task Force
Amended List of Peer Cities


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