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Meeting Date: 11/29/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon an award bid for concrete services (C-2017-0526);
The 2018 Adopted budget provides $51,300 in Park Operations funds and $225,000 in Capital Improvement Funds for pathway maintenance,  repairs and improvements.  Not all the funding in the 2018 Capital Improvements- Pathway Improvements will be used for repair of concrete as pathway and crosswalk stenciling is funded through this account. 
With 220 miles of pathways, 48 parks with parking lots, and numerous other amenities that require concrete repairs and the reoccurring need for new enhancements are a continual part of the routine work in park operations.  These concrete repairs and improvements require frequent bid solicitations, quotes, or proposals throughout the year which require bid conditioning, verifications, reference checks and contract administration.   With numerous concrete projects occurring per year, it was determined that retaining a concrete contractor on a services contract  could be more cost effective and efficient for the Township - similar to the service contracts the Township has for electrical services, HVAC repair and maintenance and lake and pond maintenance. The concrete services scope of work includes the removal and/or installation of concrete pathways, pathway ramps, flatwork and other miscellaneous infrastructure projects located throughout The Woodlands Township, on an as needed basis for a one year term. Overall, this contract is envisioned to reduce time from the initial project/repair  identification phase to project completion thus improving service to Township residents.
The Invitation for Bids was advertised in The Woodlands Villager on October 25, 2017 and on The Woodlands Township website.  A non-mandatory pre bid meeting was held with eight (8) attendees. Bids were due on November 8, 2017 and eight (8) bids were submitted, however one bid was determined to be a conditioned bid as the vendor indicated they can not agree to all the terms outlined (Attachment A).  The following bids were received which is based on prices submitted and projected use of various services. A full bid tabulation is located in Attachment B.
GJ Boring $  189,450.00
RNB $  244,695.00
Mobill $  246,325.00
Fierro Group $4,879,765.00
Corestone $  677,769.30
ECB Development $  192,445.00
Fielder’s Choice $  269,675.50
Andrade* $  263,533.00
  • conditional bid
CJ Borning has provided concrete services to the Township in the past and staff has no concerns with awarding the bid to them. 
Award the bid to GJ Boring for 2018 Concrete Services  and authorize the President /General Manager to execute a Concrete Services Contract as approved to form by the Township Attorney. 
Attachment A - Bid Tabulation Summary Concrete Services


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