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Meeting Date: 11/29/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon proposals responding to the Request for Proposals and Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services Drainage / Spring Creek Watershed (C-2017-0481); 
Per Chapter 2254 of the Texas Government Code regulating governmental entities procuring Professional and Consulting Services, fair and reasonable fees for professional engineering services are to be negotiated after the engineering firm is selected. Therefore, the fiscal impact is not known at this time.  
At the Township Board of Directors meeting on September 21, 2017, the  Board of Directors authorized the President/General Manager to prepare a Request for Proposals and Qualifications (RFP/Q) for professional drainage engineering services to assist the Township with drainage matters, including the Spring Creek Watershed. The flood events in April, 2016, May, 2016,  and most recently August, 2017,  have created an urgent need to consider improvements / options to downstream watershed conditions on Spring Creek.

Although the Woodlands Township is not involved in the approval of drainage plans and is not charged by statute to manage and maintain drainage systems (MUD responsibility), the Township Board expressed interest in retaining an independent drainage engineer to start a process of reviewing the flooding that has occurred in the Spring Creek watershed over the past two years and to bring forward options and potential recommendations for review by the Township Board. Such information may also be beneficial in encouraging the development of a regional drainage plan for the Spring Creek watershed area especially as it drains through more densely populated areas. 

The RFP/Q was released on September 29, 2017, and advertised in The Villager on October 11 & 18 and on the Township web site (Attachment A). RFP/Q's were due November 8 and twelve (12) proposals were received.  An evaluation team of six Township employees reviewed and scored the proposals (Attachment B).  A Decision Matrix Summary has been prepared (Attachment C) a summary of which is provided below:

1 Jones & Carter 3.94
2 Lockwood Andrews Newnam 3.81
3 Kimley Horn 3.73
4 CivilTech Engineering 3.64
5 Moffat & Nichol 3.61
6 HT&J 3.54
7 Halff 3.49
8 HDR 3.43
9 Jukes Group 3.26
10 HR Green 3.24
11 Fisher Arnold 3.07
12 5engineering 3.00

The staff recommendation is to accept the proposal from Jones and Cater and to negotiate a final agreement for Board consideration. Other options available to the Board are to (a) select another firm from the list, or (b) to select two or three of the top firms on the list for an interview before the Township Board at a future meeting. 
It is recommended to accept the proposal submitted by Jones and Carter to provide professional engineering services for drainage/Spring Creek Watershed and authorize the President/General Manager to negotiate the fees for a Professional Services Agreement and return to the Board for final approval of the agreement. If negotiations fail with Jones & Carter, the President/General Manager is authorized to negotiate with the second ranking firm, and so on until a fee can be agreed. 
RFP Professional Engineering Services C-2017-0481
Attachment C - RFP Professional Engineering Services C-2017-0481 Decision Matrix


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