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Meeting Date: 09/27/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon the funding of the Mapleglade Playground Renovation from existing funds;
The Township's  2017 Capital Improvement Budget allocated a total of $285,000 for the replacement of the playgrounds at Evangeline Oaks, Sunset Springs and Harper’s Landing parks and for their related drainage improvements. No funding was included for Mapleglade Park. Through positive variances, efficient budgeting and design techniques,  $55,000 has been identified within the Capital Budget along with  an additional $10,000 in pathway improvements  for a total of $65,000  to fund the playground replacement at Mapleglade Park.
The proposal to replace the playground equipment at Mapleglade Park is presented for consideration  at this time due to an oversight in the system wide park playground renovation schedule that skipped over  Mapleglade.  The oversight was due to confusion on two similarly named parks:  Mapleglade (Village of Alden Bridge) and Maplewood (Village of Grogran’s Mill). The Maplewood Playground was replaced in 2013; however Mapleglade should have been replaced at that time.  Maplewood playground was inspected and evaluated for replacement in accordance with the renovation  procedures and criteria and was determined that there was the need to be replaced.  Therefore, it was replaced, which left Maplewood still needing to be replaced.  In essence, the Maplewood playground renovation was move up and Mapleglade's renovation was delayed.  The Parks and Recreation Department was made aware upon a resident call earlier this year. Upon review of the records, the oversight was confirmed. Please see Attachment A for pictures of the Mapleglade Playground
The Woodlands Township systematically replaces playgrounds that are 12-15 years and older to ensure the system continues to be safe, compliant with current playground safety codes, aesthetically pleasing, state of the art and to have a high level of  play value. Mapleglade playground was installed in 1998. Each playground anticipated to be replaced undergoes a staff inspection to determine if a playground is suitable for replacement due in part to wear, tear, playground standards, and resident comments. From this list recommendations are made to include a playground in the budget process.  Once a playground is funded by the Board, staff utilize a survey conducted of residents within the service radius of the park to incorporate resident and user needs for the playground.  This provides the foundation for the design of the new playground.  New equipment incorporate aspects realized through the survey, including transfer points, ground level play components, roofs, climbing wall and swings and which meet the current standards set by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 
Upon approval to move forward with the Mapleglade equipment replacement, staff will conduct a survey of residents within a ¼ mile radius of this park to understand the needs and wants related to a playground. From this an approved  vendor/contractor will be selected through BuyBoard (cooperative purchasing )  which enables the staff to maximize the playgrounds uniqueness, play value, creative design, and use of space with the dollars allocated to the project. This process has been used with all playgrounds that are within the President/General Manager's purchasing authority. The goal would be to have the new playground installed by the end of 2017.

As funding was not specifically allocated in 2017 for Mapleglade Park, positive variances have been realized in the 2017 Capital Budget from completed projects that can be used to fund the project. 
Approve the use of existing funding in the 2017 Capital Improvement Budget for the Mapleglade Playground Renovation project.
Attachment A - Mapleglade Playground photos


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