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Meeting Date: 09/27/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon the Fire Department Data Circuit Agreement (C-2017-0459);
$56,040 annual service charge. $4,000 in construction fees.
The Woodlands Fire Department currently has a 36 month service agreement with Level 3 for voice/data circuits at Stations 3-8; which expires October 31, 2017. The fire department also has a similar circuit for Station 2 that expires December 12, 2017. The time gap between the two agreements is due to the reconstruction of Station 2. The department currently pays $3,009.38 per month for the Native Lan 3 Mbps circuit to provide voice/data connectivity to each fire station. 

Since the initial agreement, the level of data traffic for each fire station has increased and now exceeds the circuit's bandwidth capacity, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Firefighters routinely have issues filing incident reports, training videos and inventory management.

Staff received proposals from Consolidated Communications (CCI) and Level 3 for a voice/data circuit. There are only 3 telecommunication carriers in the Woodlands. ATT did not respond.

CCI proposed a 20 Mbps circuit to each station for a total of $4,670 per month with a non-recurring construction fee of $4,000 for a thirty-six month term. Level 3 proposed a 10 Mbps circuit to each station for a total of $6,509.60 per month with a non-recurring charge of $300 for a thirty-six month term.

Staff recommends the CCI proposal due to the higher bandwidth and lower cost.
Award the bid to Consolidate Communications and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the agreement.
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