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Meeting Date: 11/29/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon award of bid for Bear Branch Park Phase I & III (C-2017-0419);
A total of $4,180,330 has been allocated in the 2017 Capital Improvement Budget for this project which includes construction cost, consulting fees, testing fees and contingency.  The lowest overall cost to the Township would be a combination of two bids that total $2,865,836.74,  which requires the use of two contractors (Houscape for  Phase I and  Gadberry for Phase III). Using one contractor (Houscape), the total cost would be $2,879,230.06, a difference of $13,393.32. Both options are within the allocated budget.  
Bear Branch Park was initially developed in 1992 and originally included a swimming pool, teen center, tennis courts, and parking. In 2001, an update to the 1992 park master plan was developed with six phases which included a playground, dog park, a rink, basketball courts, a pavilion, concessions/restrooms, additional tennis courts, and skate park. These amenities were largely completed between 2005 and 2008.
In 2016 due in part to the impact of the Tax Day Flood and the request from the community to build a 50 meter pool, the Board of Directors authorized an update to the  master plan. The goal of the update  was to understand the impact of a 50 meter pool to the park and to determine if there were any unmet recreation needs in the community that could be fulfilled in the plan.  In March 2017, the Board accepted the insurance claim settlement from Texas Municipal League for the damages to Bear Branch Pool for up to  $1.3 million, with the total amount dependent on the completion of the replacement pool. Burditt LandPlace was retained for the development of the master plan and a 5 phase plan was presented to the Board in April 2017 which included:
  • Phase I- Renovation of recreational pool
  • Phase II- Renovation and addition of recreational amenities
  • Phase III-Parking lot renovation (Recreation Center)
  • Phase IV- 50 Meter Pool
  • Phase V- Recreation Center renovation/expansion
The Board provided direction to staff to precede with Phase I and III, and Burditt was retained to develop construction documents.
The request for bids was advertised in The Woodlands Villager on October 11, 2017 and on The Woodlands Township website.  A mandatory pre bid meeting was held on October 18, 2017 with 17 general contractors and sub-contractors in attendance. Bids were due on November 3, 2017 and three (3) bids were submitted.   A Bid Tabulation Summary has been developed based on prices submitted and projected use of various services (Attachment A).   
After the bids were submitted, staff and Burditt conditioned the bids which included verifying prices, reviewing if there were mathematical errors and ensuring all required paperwork was submitted. On November 8, meetings were held with the three lowest most responsive bidders for further clarifications of their bids and to further vet the contractors. 
The bid package also included a number of deduct alternates which would afford the opportunity to manage the budget if the cost were over the allocated amount. The largest alternate deduct is for a parking lot re-design (from the initial bid). This alternate deduct was developed due in part to potential inefficiencies with the design, the need for additional driveways,  additional earthwork/site drainage needed, and a high overall cost per parking space unit price.  With these factors four bid tabulation scenarios/options have been prepared:
Phase I and III:  One Vendor (Houscape) $3,286,063.00
Phase I and III: Lowest Price Each Phase (Houscape Phase I & Millis Phase III) $3,190,170.80
Phase I and III with Alt Parking Lot: One Vendor  (Houscape) $2,879,230.06
Phase I Only/Phase III with Parking Lot Alt:  (Houscape Phase I & Gadberry Phase III) $2,865,836.74
The lowest overall direct cost $2,865,836.74 to the Township requires the use of two contractors (Houscape for Phase I & Gadberry for Phase III). Using one Contractor (Houscape) the total cost would be $2,879,230.06, a difference of $13,393.32. While accepting the overall lowest project price would equate to a savings, there are indirect costs savings, project efficiencies and less challenges that would be realized if only  one contractor was selected and managed the entire scope of the project. These include but are not limited to:  communication and coordination of construction scheduling, utilities installation across the parking lot, site conditions, County permits, space allocation for staging and materials laydown, space for contractor parking, multiple construction trailers and more. In addition, as experienced on other Township park projects that utilized two contractors to complete park renovation projects, it is most challenging for Township staff to perform contract administration for two contractors on the same site and coordinate their construction schedules and mediate conflicts and project issues.  While these past projects were well worth those challenges in order to save  tens of thousands of dollars,  saving approximately half of 1 percent ($13,393) on this project may not be a prudent value to the Township.  Therefore, it is recommended to award the bid to one contractor - Houscape. 
Park Flooding
Bear Branch Park has flooded from time-to time.   While the facilities are all above the 100 year flood plain, the close proximity to Bear Branch and the confluence of Bear Branch and Panther Branch does occasionally present flood conditions.  During the record spring rains in 2016, the rising water from  Bear Branch flooded the entire park. While all of the amenities were able to be reclaimed, the Bear Branch Pool (six lap lanes, diving area-two boards, and baby pool) suffered major damage as the main pool’s shell “popped” out of ground during clean-up and repairs. Hurricane Harvey also caused flooding in the park, but yet there was no flooding in the pool house building, Recreation Center or restroom/concession stand complex.  Overall, the park will flood, however the issue of the “pop” of the pool, was due to the under lying water table that ranged from 7 feet to 9 feet deep in the area.  To mitigate this issue, the following new items have been incorporated into the design of the new pool:
  • Hydrostatic relief wells.  If the pool needs to be emptied for plastering, maintenance or other work, the sump pumps will be used in the wells to reduce the water pressure on the shell of the pool. As the previous pool was built in 1991, it did not meet Texas Pool Code which was changed in 1999 which now requires hydrostatic relief.   Please note the old pool was grandfathered up until a time of major renovation.
  • Lessening the pool depth to 4 feet vs 11 feet. The original shell was placed below the water table. One of the major reasons why the diving area was removed was to reduce the depth of the pool thereby reducing the potential for impact of water table on the shell of the pool.  In addition, a swimming pool without a diving board feature is less risk exposure to the Township. 
  • New Storm Water Management System. According to the original as-built drawings, the largest diameter pipe for the existing pool area storm water drainage system is 8".  The new storm water system has been designed to manage pool deck surface water and adjacent roof run off.  The largest diameter pipe of the new pool deck storm water system is 12".  
The finish floor elevation of the renovated pool house building will remain the same as the existing building is being repaired upon the existing foundation.  The finish deck elevation of the pool itself will be slightly higher than the previous pool, although not a significant difference.   Again, the pool and other permanent facilities were and will be constructed above the 100 year flood plain. 

The plans for the renovation of the park have been submitted to Montgomery County as part of the permitting process which included a review of storm water management. No comments have been received by the County.
Award the Phase I  and Phase III with Alt Parking Lot to Houscape in the amount of $2,879,230.06 and authorize the President /General Manager to execute  a construction agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney. 
Attachment A - Bid Tabulation Summary Bear Branch Park Bid Tabulation Summary


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