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Meeting Date: 11/29/2017  

Receive, consider and act on adoption of a 2018 Board of Directors meeting schedule; 
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The proposed Board meeting calendar for 2018 is based on the 2017 schedule and the Board Policy on meeting time, date and format. The Board meeting dates are typically the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m., and the Thursday prior to the fourth Wednesday at 6 p.m. (with the exception of the November and December meetings), as reflected on the attached calendar. While the meeting times have been adjusted from time to time, this meeting and retreat schedule has essentially stayed the same since 2012. The draft calendar presented is not a recommendation from staff, however, it merely represents a continuation of the current schedule.The Board sets policy related to meeting time and format, and annually establishes its meeting schedule.

The proposed calendar also includes three half-day Board Planning Retreats (prior to the Thursday meetings in the months of February, May and September) to allow the Board to discuss broader topics. As in the past, the planning retreats are anticipated to address approximately two to three topics per session. In addition, the proposed calendar notes that prior to the Wednesday Board Meeting in January, a program to recognize Township volunteers will be held at 5 p.m. at the Town Hall building.

In November, based on current election law, the Board must canvass election results within the 8th to 14th day following the election, making the canvass period November 14-20, 2018. A special meeting for this purpose is scheduled for Friday, November 16 at noon; however, it should be noted that the Counties are unable to guarantee delivery of final results until the last day to canvass and this meeting date and time may need to be adjusted once feedback is received from the Counties' election offices in 2018. The Wednesday following the canvassing meeting, which is the third Wednesday of the month (November 21), is the night before Thanksgiving. While the Board may choose to hold its regular meeting that evening, the attached calendar proposes the consolidated November meeting to seat the new Board and elect officers be held on Wednesday, November 28 at 6 p.m.

A proposed schedule for budget meetings will not be available until after the first of the year, pending information from the Montgomery County Tax Assessor's Office on deadlines.

Based on the timing for solicitation and receipt of proposals, a special meeting is proposed for the second week of January discuss selection of a consultant for the Incorporation Study. Based on this proposed meeting schedule, the Board could determine a list of finalists at the special meeting. Invite finalists to the January 18 meeting to make a presentation to the Board (either at the regular meeting or during a special session held prior to the regular meeting), and then make the final selection of a consultant at the regular meeting on Wednesday, January 24. These are staff proposed dates, but final determination on the timing and process will be made by the Board of Directors.
Adopt a schedule of meeting dates for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors for the 2018 calendar year.
Board Operation Policy - related to meeting schedule and format
Draft 2018 Meeting Schedule


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