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Meeting Date: 02/21/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon the Covenant Administration Digital Records Project (C-2019-0017);
$372,761.50  contracted services to digitize property records (2019 Records Department Operating Budget)
$  75,947.90  expanded storage capacity for Storage Area Network system (2019 IT Capital Budget)
$116,620.00  expanded storage capacity for data backup system (2019 IT Capital Budget)
$565,329.40  Total Project Cost
In 2017, the Township Records Department initiatied a multiyear project to digitize the Covenant Administration Department's property records.  The project was funded at $100,000 per year and was expected to take five years for completion.  During the 2019 budget process, the Board of Directors approved the acceleration of the document digitization project for completion in 2019.

The cost of the accelerated project is comprised of three components:
  • contracted services for the digitization of the property records
  • capital expense to expand storage capacity for the Storage Area Network (SAN) system
  • capital expense to expand storage capactiy for the data backup system
The "not-to-exceed" rates for the digitization of the records was competitively sourced through BuyBoard's document scanning contract #544-17.  MCCi quoted a cost of $372,761.50 to complete the digitization project. (Attachment A).

The digital images are stored in the storage area network (SAN). There are a pair of SANs for redundancy. The SANs are backed up daily onto a secondary storage network as well as a tertiary cloud backup system. The acceleration of the scanning project necessitates expanded storage capacity for the SAN and backup systems. 

Staff received three competitive quotes from Accudata Systems (Attachment B), SHI (Attachment C),  and CDW-G (Attachment D) to increase storage capacity for the SAN system. Staff recommends the equipment be purchased from Accudata Systems. 
Accudata Systems $  75,947.90
SHI $154,111.00
CDW-G $108,864.72

Staff received a quote of $116,620.00 from DataVox to increase the storage capacity of the Township's Cohesity backup system (Attachment E). The quote was obtained through Texas DIR's cooperative purchasing contract and meets all requirements for competitive pricing. 
Authorize the President/General Manager to execute an agreement with MCCi for digitization of property records in the amount of $372,761.50; purchase equipment from Accudata Systems to expand storage capacity for the Storage Area Network system in the amount of $75,947.90; and purchase equipment from DataVox to expand storage capacity for the data backup system in the amount of $116,620.00.


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