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Meeting Date: 02/21/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon award of bids for pool deck refurbishment (C-2018-0599) and plaster work (C-2018-0706) at Cranebrook Park and Sawmill Park Pools;
$160,000 is allocated in the 2019 Capital Improvement Budget for these projects. The total request for award is $157,717.13 including: the lowest responsive bid received for the pool deck refurbishment at $54,445.00 from Greater Houston Pool Management; and, the lowest responsive bid received for pool plaster and related work from Progressive Commercial Aquatics at $80,275.00; and approximately $22,997 in materials which the Parks and Recreation Department will purchase directly from manufacturers in order to realize cost savings.
Routine swimming pool repair and maintenance is funded through the Township’s Capital Reserve Fund per the schedule established in the Reserve Study for the long term repair and replacement of capital assets. The Study and further examinations by staff jointly identified facilities at Cranebrook Park Pool and Sawmill Park Pool for pool replastering and/or deck refurbishment, and the project described includes necessary updates to comply with current Texas Department of Health Standards for Swimming Pools and Spas.
Request for Bids (Attachment A) was advertised on The Woodlands Township website on September 26, 2018, and in The Woodlands Villager. There was a mandatory pre-bid meeting conducted on October 2, 2018, with three (3) contractors in attendance – of which two (2) submitted bids (Attachment B).

A Bid Tabulation Summary has been prepared (Attachment C),  a summary of which is provided in the following table:

  Greater Houston Pool Management Progressive Commercial Aquatics
Project A-Cranebrook Pool Plaster Only with Optional Items $92,911 $80,275
Project B- Cranebrook and Sawmill Deck Refurbshment $54,445 $83,175

Progressive Commercial Aquatics is the low responsive bidder for Project A - $80,275.00 and Greater Houston Pool Management is the low responsive bidder for Project B - $54,445.00, for a total cost of $134,720.00.  Additional materials are required to complete the project and can best be done through direct purchase by the Township's Parks and Recreation Department, in the amount of approximately $22,997.13, leaving an overall positive variance of approximately $2,283.
Award Progressive Commercial Aquatics, Inc., the bid for Project A, C-2018-0599, pool replaster and related work in the amount of $80,275.00; award the bid for Project B, C-2018-0706, to Greater Houston Pool Management, Inc., pool deck refurbishment in the amount of $54,445.00, and authorize the President/General Manager to execute construction agreements as approved to final form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - Request for Bids Pool Replaster and Deck Refurbishment
Attachment C - Bid Tabulation Summary Pool Replastering and Deck Refurbishment


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