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Meeting Date: 02/21/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for Cul-de-sac Island Maintenance Services (C-2018-0731);
The Woodlands Township 2019 Budget allocates  $3,486,682 for all contracted landscape maintenance services, such as parks maintenance, pathway maintenance, sports field maintenance and fire department landscape maintenance and provides an allowance for additional services that may arise from time to time. These contracted services are budgeted in various departments and division budgets: Park Operations, Aquatics, Recreation, Town Center and Fire Department.  The lowest responsive bid for cul de sac island maintenance (small islands  and large/jumbo islands) was submitted by B and C Constructors at a price of $219,585 per year.   This amount combined with the value of the other contracted landscape maintenance contracts already in place will bring the total cost of all contracted landscape maintenance services to  $3,380,121 for 2019, not including additional landscape services (unplanned repairs and renovation).
The Board of Directors reviewed the status of the previous  parks and pathway maintenance services contract specifications structure at the May 23, 2018 meeting.  Upon recommendation to separate certain park, pathway and landscape maintenance services from one large contract into multiple specific scope contracts, the Board approved to separate the overall park and pathway maintenance services contracts into contracts for  parks, sportfields, all weather turf, pathways, cul de sacs islands and fire station landscape maintenance.  Bids were solicited and awarded and most services began on October 1.   The new park maintenance services contractor, Yellowstone, began their scope of work in January. 
The contractor originally awarded the bid for cul-de-sac island maintenance services for $126,146 declined to execute the agreement; therefore the Board awarded the bid to the second lowest contactor for a three-month term through December 31, 2018, with an option to extend the agreement.  That contractor after three months of work,  declined to enter into the extension.  Both contractors indicated that the price they bid was not covering their expenses to perform the work.  As cul-de-sac island maintenance services are provided between March and November of each year, no lapse in services has occured. 

A new  soliciation for services, Invitation for Bids, was initiated  (Attachment A). The scope of services for the bids includes the same level of service and standards as previously bid: contractor providing all labor, materials, equipment, licensing, and supervision necessary for the maintenance of 1,313 small cul de sac islands (under 3,400 square feet) one time per year in the spring and for 247 jumbo cul de sac islands (over 3,400 square feet) and 114 intracts parcels.  Jumbo islands and intracts parcels are serviced eleven (11)  times per year on about a three week cycle.  Maintenance services includes mowing, trimming, trash and litter removal and blowing the cul de sacs islands.
Bids were due January 4, 2019, and three (3) bids were received (Attachment B). A Bid Tabulation was prepared (Attachment C), a summary of which is provided below:
Cul De Sac Maint 11 cycles Jumbo 1 cycle Small CDS Total
All-Service Striping        $484,440 $157,800 $642,240
Maldonado        $235,862 $48,889 $284,751
B and C Constructors       $180,136 $39,450 $219,586
B and C Constructors submitted the lowest cost bid to provide the services. References of the company were reviewed and no concerns were presented.
Award the bid for Cul De Sac Island Maintenance (C-2018-0731) to B and C Constructors and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a services agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney in connection therewith and is to include authority to approve any future contract additions and change orders regarding the addition of new cul-de-sac islands to the contract that may be developed during the term of the agreement in connection.
Attachment A - IFB Cul de Sac Island Maintenance
Attachment C - Bid Tabulation Summary IFB Cul de Sac Island Maintenance Services


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