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Meeting Date: 02/21/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon the 2018 capital project carryovers and related 2019 budget amendment;
$0 net impact between 2018 and 2019 capital budgets
2018 capital budget carryover = $5,935,384
Staff is requesting that certain funds previously approved by the Board of Directors for the 2018 capital budget be carried over to the 2019 capital budget in order to complete the applicable projects.  The budget amendment does not impact the overall cash position of The Woodlands Township as it merely reflects the transfer of approved but unexpended funds from one budget year to the next. 
Please reference the attached worksheet for details regarding the requested capital project carryovers.  In summary, they include:
Fire Department $1,829,993  
Parks and Recreation   1,469,108  
Information Technology   1,402,183  
Transportation      966,870  
New Park & Pathway Development (per Comprehensive Community Services Agmt.)      120,242  
Other (includes Cultural Arts Feasibility; Town Hall projects)      146,988  
     Total Capital Carryovers $5,935,384 **

** Please note that the following five capital projects totaling $4,180,851 account for 70% of the $5,935,384 capital carryover amount being requested:

     $1,366,200   Microwave Towers at Fire Stations
     $1,257,827   Fire Engine and Service Truck for Fire Department
     $   966,870   Facility Improvements and Equipment for Trolleys and Park and Ride buses (80% funded by grants) 
     $   375,150   Facility Access Control/Security
     $   214,804   Adventure Course at Rob Fleming Recreation Center at Creekside Park

Approve an amendment to the 2019 Budget in an amount equal to $5,935,384 to account for 2018 capital project carryovers as presented.

Schedule of 2018 Capital Project Carryovers


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