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Meeting Date: 07/25/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon an amendment to Professional Services Agreement with Jones and Carter (C-2015-5380);
There are no additional expenses or fees related to the proposed Amendment. 
The Woodlands Township approved a Professional Services Agreement with Jones and Carter in 2015 to develop a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan for the Township.   The Agreement has been amended from time to time to extend the scope of services related to the preparation of grant applications.  The amendments included services to prepare and submit a Recreation Trails grant application for projects through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and for projects through H-GAC Transportation Improvement Program.  The expectation  was that the H-GAC's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Call for Projects would be released in 2017, however, there have been numerous delays in the release.  The Board had previously authorized Jones and Carter to prepare grant applications for up to five "Fast-Track/Short Term" projects identified in the Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan. 

H-GAC recently announced that the Call for Projects would be released on July 30, 2018, with applications due September 28, 2018.  Staff with Jones and Carter has changed resulting in a reduced capacity to fully support the Township and has proposed that in the best interest of the Township, that Jones and Carter be allowed to involve another firm.  Jones & Carter is requesting that The Goodman Corporation (TGG) who has specialized experience in applying for and securing federal grants through the TIP Call for Projects, be approved as a Sub Consultant (Attachment A). Per the terms of the Request for Proposals and resulting Professional Services Agreement, only the Sub-Consultants identified in the Proposal were approved to participate in the work.  TGG was not identified in the proposal at that time of submission; therefore Board approval of Amendment 6 to the Professional Services Agreement is required which will  approve TGG as a Sub-Consultant.   

Jones and Carter will return to the Board in prior to the Call for Projects deadline in September for Board review and approval of the final grant applications. 
Approve Amendment 6 to the Professional Services Agreement with Jones and Carter as presented herein.
Attachment A- Proposed Amendment 6 Jones and Carter


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