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Meeting Date: 07/25/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon a report/analysis for using the Ice Rink for post ice rink season potential dry floor activities, programs and events (as requested by Director Rieser);
There is no projected fiscal impact related to the use of the facility for dry floor activities, programs or events.  The projection is based on the expectation that  all activities, programs or events would adhere to the cost neutral cost recovery goal (100% cost recovery)  for the Recreation Division.   Per the terms of the Project Development and Joint Use Agreement between the Township and the Center for the Performing Arts at the Woodlands (Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (CWMP)) the Township is limited in use  to the operation of an ice rink or for other "dry floor" Township or Township sponsored community events. 
The Woodlands Township entered into a Project Development and Joint Use Agreement with The Center for The Performing Arts at The Woodlands, also known as The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (CWMP). The Agreement developed  a permanent home for the Township's seasonal ice rink and provides space for CWMP's  events.  The agreement provides the Township exclusive use of the building  between November 16 and March 15 of each year.  The seasonal ice rink operation typically begins November 16 and runs through  the third Monday of January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal and school holiday.  This leaves approximately two months of time after the typical ice rink season that the facility  could be used for other activities, programs or events,  with or without ice.
The overall ice rink/event center facility  is 21,820 square feet.  The space usable for activities, programs and events consists of three sections:  Meeting Room A with 4,286 sq.ft.; Meeting Room B with 4,450 sq.ft and  the Club Venue space of 6,696 sq.ft.  When the Ice Rink is erected all of the Meeting Room A & B sections and 225 sq.ft area of the Club Venue is utilized for the ice sheet. The rest of the space is used for skate rental, concessions and seating/viewing area.  (Attachment A)

After the Ice Rink Season ends and the rink is dismantled, the Township has been using the space for the following events:
  • Annual Township Employee Recognition Breakfast - late February
  • Inspire Film Festival per the  Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement)- Mid February
  • Township employee training functions - as needed
It should be noted that the Board of Directors will consider Amendments to the Host Venue Sponsorship Agreements with Inspire Film Festival (IFF) and The Woodlands Marathon Management  (TWMM) which would provide  the use of the facility during those Township sponsored events. IFF has expressed a desire to return to the facility for the 2019 Festival scheduled for February 14 thru 18. TWMM  would be provided the facility as the venue for the Health Expo portion of the Marathon  on or about March 2, 2019  and February 23, 2020.

Due to the terms of the Project Development and Joint Use Agreement with CWMP, the Township is restricted to Township produced or Township sponsored activities.  Therefore, open market rentals are not an option.

In response to review the potential post ice season uses of the facility, only activities that do not involve the ice sheet have been developed.  Traditionally, the interest in ice skating/activities, wanes after the third weekend in January and due to the operational costs of maintaining the ice, Spectrum, the Township's Ice Rink Production Services contractor and a professional in the industry, does not recommend continuing public skate programming beyond the holiday. 

Program ideas presented below include a number of one-time events. It would be a challenge to move regular or reoccurring programs from a Township recreation center for six to eight weeks then back to the respective recreation center, and recognizing the committed use for the Film Festival and Marathon.  The concept with the programs identified below is to create special experiences and establish a visit to the Ice Rink building as something special, i.e. a once a year occurrence. Program concepts include:
  • Bingo - Currently a successful bingo program is being provided at The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park with between 80 and 120 families. This event could be mimicked at the Ice Rink for a different demographic 
  • Town Center Scavenger Hunt - Participants would obtain an initial clue at the Ice Rink then proceed around the Town Center Area and eventually return to the Rink for music, drinks and awards
  • Tournaments - Corn-hole, dodge ball tournament, table tennis tournament, club volleyball/basketball, indoor archery; midnight tourneys
  • Village Association "Olympics"
  • Battle of the Bands/Community Talent Show (reboot Woodlands Idol)
  • Family Date Night/Family Dance
  • Arts in the Park - Develop an indoor art in the park concept with just an art/community craft show
  • Community Super Bowl Party
  • Parks and Recreation Department program fair
  • Mardi Gras Event
  • Diversity Event - held in February
  • Wine/Beer/Whiskey tasting
  • High School “Field Day” Event - TWHS vs College Park
  • Walk in The Woods Nature Series - Host the February and March lectures at the Ice Rink
Other Township departments may be able to program the facility for special events and programs:
  • Township Volunteer Recognition Event - Relocate the current Township Volunteer Appreciation Recognition Reception typically held in late January
  • Woodlands Watch Emergency Preparedness Event - the historical date would move to March
  • Public Safety Banquet
  • Covenant Administration Community Involvement Day
  • Public Forums related to Incorporation or other government functions

The Parks and Recreation Department has reviewed the Ice Rink as a potential site for the annual Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance (DDDD) event and received quotes from potential vendors/caterers to produce the event at the facility. Due to the size and nature of the event, DDDD has been held at either the Marriott or Woodlands Resort with approximately 630 participants. If this event were to be held at the Rink, there would need to be two seating sessions as the room is not large enough to accommodate seating for 630, a dance floor and service areas. In addition, the cost to produce DDDD in the facility with a two session model would increase.

Board to determine course action
Attachment A - Floor Plan Ice Rink


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