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Meeting Date: 07/25/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon the first amendment to the Host Venue Sponsorship/Partnership Agreement with The Woodlands Marathon Management (C-2016-0340A);
The estimated fiscal impact related to the proposed Amendment to the Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC., (TWMM) includes: up to $16,000 in revenue for the use of the Township's Event Center/Ice Rink located at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion; waiver of fees to install and remove 50 streetlight banners equates to $1,250 per year;  the additional year of in-kind support services will amount to approximately $3,500. 

The Woodlands Township, per the terms of the existing Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement waives park reservation/rental fees  and special event permit fees related to the use of Town Green Park, provides a magazine article in the Community Magazine of The Woodlands, and provides 40 tents and other in-kind services in support of The Woodlands Marathon. The total value of Township support is approximately $3,500. In exchange, TWMM is required to produce the event and donate no less than $25,000 on an annual basis to not-for-profit organizations.  TWMM is required to guarantee 400 hotel room nights related to the event with hotels within The Woodlands. Additionally, TWMM is to provide the Township with an Economic Impact Study at the conclusion of the 2017 and 2019 events.

Visit the Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau has provided $4,500 in advertising support of the event for the past three years.

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion recently announced rental rates for the Event Center that they charge during their exclusive use period of the facility.  The rates are as follows:
  • The Lounge   $2,500
  • Ovation          $1,500
  • Encore           $1,500
  • All 3 rooms for $5,000 per day
The total value of the Sponsorship benefit to the Township considering the proposed terms of the Amendment provides the Township "Presenting Sponsor" level of the Health and Fitness Expo in addition to the "Host Venue" Sponsor level. 
At the June 21, 2018, Board of Directors meeting, the Board considered a proposal to amend the Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with The Woodlands Marathon Management (TWMM) (Attachment A).   

The proposed amendments includes:
A) Set the 2k Family Fun Run and 5k Run to the Saturday prior with the utilization of Town Green Park for post race festivities and the trolley path for course start and finish lines.
B) Granted access to area Park & Ride lots for staging of electronic message Boards after the event.
C) Granted use of the CWMP Event Facility for the Health & Fitness Expo the Thursday prior to the event for setup, Friday prior to the event for hosting the Health & Fitness Expo and breakdown Friday evening for a reasonable fee to be agreed up not to exceed $16,000.
D) Extend the current agreement to include the 2020 event.
E) Proposed marathon and half marathon routes for the 2019 event to be the same as the 2018.
F) The Woodlands Marathon Management to lead coordination of the annual event, "Global Running Day" at Town Green Park on the first Wednesday in June;
G) Provide The Woodlands Marathon Management limited event light post banners to promote the event and inform residents of the event. 
In addition, in exchange for providing the Ice Rink facility as an additional venue for the Marathon, the proposal offers to provide the Township Sponsorship Amended Benefits to include naming the Township as the "Presenting Sponsor" of the Houston Methodist Health & Fitness Expo.
The Board authorized the President/General Manager to prepare an Amendment to the Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with TWMM and return to the Board for final approval.  The Amendment has been prepared by the Township Attorney (Attachment B).  TWMM has reviewed and agreed to the Amendment. 

As CWMP has established rental rates for the Event Center during their exclusive use period, the Board may consider that  same value as the basis for value of the venue sponsorship for the use of the facility for the Health and Fitness Expo.  It is recommended to include the Ice Rink as an additional venue for the event at a value of $10,000 per year. 
It is recommended to approve the  Amendment to the Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with The Woodlands Marathon Management as presented herein to include the Ice Rink Facility and Park and Ride Facilities as additional Township provided venues and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the agreement. 
Attachment A - Woodlands Marathon Management Proposed Amendments
Attachment B - First Amendment to Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement Woodlands Marathon Management


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