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Meeting Date: 07/19/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon approval of water and sewer line easements with San Jacinto River Authority (P-2018-0474, P-2018-0475, P-2018-0476, P-2018-0477, & P-2018-0478);
There is no fiscal impact related to granting these easements;
For many years, San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) has been in the process of identifying all of its water and sewer lines in the field, loading them into a GIS system, and verifying that each line located outside of the public right-of-way is covered by an appropriate easement instrument.  SJRA has identified three sewer line easements and two water line easements that are requested of The Woodlands Township to cover existing facilities (Attachment A).

The easements are located in:
  • Village of Grogan's Mill, Section Three -  0.2299 acres
  • The Woodlands Grogan's Forest Section 9, ROSR "A" - 0.0670 acres
  • Village of Grogan's Mill, Section 61, ROSR H - 0.0129 acres
  • Marisco Place to Research Forest Park and Ride - 0.4587 acres
  • Village of Alden Bridge, Section 93, ROSR A - 0.0406 acres

Township staff has reviewed the existing conditions and find no issues of concern.  The Township Attorney has reviewed and approved the easements as to form. 
Approve the sanitary sewer and water line easements with San Jacinto River Authority as presented.
Attachment A: Sanitary Sewer and Water Line Easements San Jacinto River Authority


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