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Meeting Date: 04/19/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon the status of the award of bid for the development of the Skate Park at Timarron Park in the Village of Creekside Park (C-2017-0528) (as requested by Director Rieser);
$75,000 is allocated in the 2018 Capital Improvement Project Budget for a new Wheel Friendly Area in the Village of Creekside Park. The Board, at their January 18, 2018 meeting approved an award of bid and execution of a construction agreement with SPA Skateparks in the amount of $75,000 for the development of a Skate Park at Timarron Park (C-2017-0528). As the construction agreement has not been fully executed, there would not be any anticipated adverse financial impact to the Township if the skate park project is canceled, or if the project was to proceed at another location. 
The Board of Directors received a 2018 Budget Initiative Summary during the 2018 Budget process for the development of a Wheel Friendly Area in the Village of Creekside Park (Attachment A).   Subsequently the Board approved the Initiative and allocated $75,000 in the 2018 Capital Improvement Budget (Attachment B).  Justification for recommending this park amenity included the fact that there are skate area/parks in the  villages in the community except the Village of Creekside Park Tamarac Park (Grogan's Mill), Creekwood Park (Panther Creek), Ridgewood Park (Panther Creek), Bear Branch Park (Cochran’s Crossing), Forestgate Park (Indian Springs), Lakeside Park (Alden Bridge), and Terramont (Sterling Ridge).  The 2011 Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment (2,700 on line surveys, Village Association meetings, Parks and Recreation Council meetings, etc.) also identified the need for a skate park in the Village of Creekside Park.
“Village of Creekside Park is mostly populated by young families, but also has retirees and empty nesters. They see value in the park system. Parks and trails add value and are an attractive amenity. There is a lack of activities for the teens in the Village including a skatepark and volleyball court…. “(page 127)
On January 18, 2018 the Board of Directors accepted the Design Build Proposal from SPA Skateparks to develop a skate area in Creekside Park with Timarron Park being the identified location (Attachment C). Typically, a neighborhood level skate area is 3,000-4,000 square feet of cement flatwork, the equivalent to the size of an average home in the community.  Timarron Park was selected due to the availability of space, restrooms, water, and parking.  Please note that within the Village of Creekside Park, there are only four parks with restrooms- Rob Fleming, Timarron, Tupelo and Wendwoods. 
Initially, the concept was to place the skate area at Timarron Park, to the left of the parking lot (forested area). As the site evaluation progressed, there were concerns about having the skate area too close to homes on Moonlit Ridge Court, even with a 50 foot set back.  At that time staff again reviewed other potential sites in the Village of Creekside Park. 
On April 2, 2018 a presentation was made to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council  to obtain input from members about the location of the potential skatepark (Attachment D).  Members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council are largely representatives of the village associations, who have in the past, provided input on park planning, operational planning and park use.  The presentation included the review of locations at Timarron Park, Wendtwoods Park, and Rob Fleming Park (multiple locations). Upon presenting the locations to the Council, a member cited a concern about potential for flooding in the Timarron area and how would the skate area impact this matter.  Staff responded that this concern would be presented to MUD 386 for review.
Upon presenting the matter to MUD 386, members of MUD 386 and later Timarron Lakes HOA cited concerns about the potential to increase flooding, the location of the skate park too near a road, the location of the skate park in general and other concerns.  At that time, the Township President/General Manager directed to place this project on hold.  As an evaluation survey of the site was in progress, the survey markers in the park were directed to be removed.
The construction agreement to design and construct the skate park with Transcend, Inc. dba Spa Skateparks has yet to be signed, due in part to parks and recreation staff level site/location considerations, thus there would be no known or anticipated negative financial impacts if the Township were to modify the agreement (location) or make a determination that this project should not be completed at any location.
Board to determine course of action.
Attachment A - 2018 Budget Initiative Wheel Friendly Area Village of Creekside Park
Attachment B - 2018 Capital Asset Request Wheel Friendly Area Creekside Park
Attachment C - Executive Summary Award of Bid January 18 2018
Attachment D - Timarron Park Skate Area PARD Advisory Council
Attachment D1 - Timarron Skate Park PARD Advisory Council Alternate Locations


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