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Meeting Date: 04/19/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon amending the 2018 Board of Directors meeting schedule; 
Each year, the Board holds a planning session in the month of May to review and discuss the proposed upcoming Budget Objectives and related Five-Year Plan in preparation for the August Budget process. This preliminary budget planning meeting has typically been held on the same day as the Thursday Board meeting in May and has varied between a two-hour session and a four-hour session. 

When the Board adopted the 2018 meeting schedule to include planning sessions prior to each of the regular meetings, it appeared that the pre-Budget planning session could fit into the existing adopted Board meeting schedule. However, as Incorporation-related discussions are now planned for each of the existing planning sessions, a new date or time will be required for the preliminary budget planning session. The Board should consider and discuss whether to schedule the pre-budget planning session for an earlier time on one of the existing meeting dates, select an alternate date and time in the month of May, or place the budget planning as a regular agenda item on one of the May agendas.

In addition, the Board's planning session on April 19th (just prior to this regular Board meeting) includes discussion of adjusting the timing of the regular Board meetings and planning sessions for the remainder of the 2018 calendar year. Formal adoption of any changes discussed in the planning session can included as part of this regular meeting agenda item.  
Establish a date and time for a special Board Planning session to discuss review of proposed 2018 Budget Objectives and related Five-Year Plan and formalize any changes to the 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule contemplated during the April 19 Board planning session on Incorporation matters.
Currently Adopted Board Meeting Schedule for 2018


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