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Meeting Date: 04/19/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon the appointment process to the Development Standards Committee (DSC);
There is no fiscal impact related to the appointment;
Seven appointments are made by the Township Board of Directors to the Development Standards Committee (DSC), three of which are designated by The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC). On December 7, 2016, the Board appointed Ronald Harris to a two year term to the committee.  Mr. Harris tendered his resignation on April 5, 2018, creating a vacancy on the committee (Attachment A). Therefore, one appointment as the Township's designee is necessary. 

The administrative procedures for soliciting the  Township's appointed candidates to the DSC have included advertising for candidates in the local newspaper and advising current Residential Design Review Committees (RDRC) and Development Standards Committee (DSC) members of the opportunity. The solicitation is also posted on the Township website and advertised at least once in the local newspaper. A deadline for submitting applications is established so that candidate qualifications can be vetted and a summary of the candidates prepared for Board consideration. Candidates are advised to attend the Board of Directors meeting to address the Board and answer any questions the Board may have of the candidates. 

After the Board has had an opportunity to speak to the candidate(s) that are in attendance at the meeting, the Township Board has selected the person(s) by written ballot for appointment to the DSC for a two year term. Applicant names are listed in alphabetical order. In order to be selected to serve on the DSC, the candidate must receive a majority of Board Member votes (four). In the event that four candidates do not receive the required number of votes on the initial ballot, those who received four votes are appointed and the process is repeated until all  candidates are appointed. During the repeat vote, the names of those who received the required votes are omitted and Directors  only vote for the number of positions remaining (For example: If two candidates receive 4 votes each on the initial ballot, those two will be appointed and Directors will be provided a new ballot on which to vote for two out of the remaining candidates.)

At the November 29, 2017, Board of Directors meeting, the Board received three applications for consideration. The Board took no action.  The appointments to the committee were placed on the December 6, 2017 meeting at which time John Anthony Brown and Brian Boniface were appointed to the committee for two year terms beginning January 1, 2018.

The Covenants require at least five members of the committee of seven to have experience in architecture, engineering, contracting, building code enforcement or related fields (“Professional Credentials”).  As the three Developer designated appointees and one Township designee have Professional Credentials, the new appointee to fill the vacancy must have the Professional Credentials. 

It is recommended to proceed with the administrative procedures for soliciting and selecting a new committee member as described above with a deadline to submit applications of May 11, 2018, and for Board consideration of the appointment at the May 23 Board of Directors meeting. 
Board to determine the appointment process to the DSC.


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