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Meeting Date: 04/19/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon a release of Request for Proposals of an Automated Passenger Counter for Woodlands Express (C-2018-0170);
2018 Capital Budget Impact:  Approximately $65,000 ($13,000 after FTA  80% Assistance)
Staffing Impact:  None
Five Year Plan/Long Term Impact:  Approximately $15,000 per year for software licensing and maintenance ($7,500 after FTA 50% Assistance)
In order to satisfy annual National Transit Database (NTD) requirements, recipients of federal funding must report accurate information regarding passenger boardings and passenger miles traveled of all fixed-route transit services.  NTD requires transit providers to create and administer a sampling plan in order to accurately gather and report this data. This data is currently collected manually through a very labor-intensive process requiring numerous quality control checks for validation.
The Township has historically relied on manual counts of passenger boardings to determine ridership and understand demand. Rather than continue to utilize the labor-intensive daily manual counts and sampling, the utilization of Automatic Passenger Counters (APCs) will allow the Township to digitally acquire the data with partial sampling conducted only once every three years (to verify the accuracy and validity of the APC data). Partial sampling can be completed within one week and would not require hiring any temporary staff for completion.
The Township has installed APCs on all of the trolleys.  The system is providing valuable data and the utilization of APCs on The Woodlands Express will allow The Township to collect a 100% count of un-linked passenger trips of the transit service.  On The Woodlands Express, APCs will collect stop-level boarding and alighting data, provide real-time bus arrival information for passengers (through a linked Smartphone App), and would allow The Township to calculate the passenger miles traveled, vehicle revenue miles, and other information as required by NTD. 
In addition to allowing the completion of our NTD required sampling, the utilization of APCs aboard The Woodlands Express will allow The Township to gather and report more precise data on all routes, which can be used to further improve The Woodlands Express commuter bus service.

Approve the advertisement of the solicitation.
IFB C-2018-0170 APCS for The Woodlands Express
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