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Meeting Date: 02/22/2018  

Receive, consider and act upon reconsideration of the November 29, 2017 meeting minutes; 
At the conclusion of the January 18, 2018 Board meeting, Director Stromatt requested that the Board reconsider the minutes from the November 29, 2017 Township Board of Directors meeting.

At the January 24, 2018 Board meeting, staff  provided an overview of the minutes from the November 29, 2017 Board of Directors meeting, which had inadvertently omitted the votes from Director Carol Stromatt due to an automated “roll call” feature. Ms. Dempsey shared that these minutes were amended to include Director Stromatt’s votes on all agenda items that took place after the Oath of Office was administered to newly elected Directors on Regular Agenda Item #6, and that these minutes also reflected the correct officer titles for Board members, following the officer election (Regular Agenda Item #7). Ms. Dempsey provided the Board with copies of the amended minutes for their review.

Following the staff presentation, Chairman Bunch requested an additional amendment to the minutes from the November 29, 2017 Board meeting. This additional amendment was requested for Regular Agenda Item #17, “Receive, consider, and act upon interviews of candidates and a briefing on the process for Development Standards Committee appointments;”. Chairman Bunch requested that the minutes also include information from the discussions that took place on the potential for a Township Director to serve the DSC Board while also serving on the Township Board, as well as Board questions and verification that there were no rules or legalities prohibiting this matter. Following Board discussion, the Board tabled this agenda item to the February 22, 2018 Board of Directors meeting. Staff was directed to review the video of the discussion and amend the minutes from the November 29, 2017 Board meeting, to include additional verbiage related to the Board discussion that took place on Regular Agenda Item #17, from the Board of Directors Meeting on November 29, 2017, and to bring back the revised minutes for review and consideration by the Board.
Approve the minutes from the November 29, 2017 Township Board of Directors meeting.
11-29-17 Reg BOD Minutes
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