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Meeting Date: 12/06/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon proposals responding to the Request for Proposals and Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services Drainage / Spring Creek Watershed (C-2017-0481); 
Per Chapter 2254 of the Texas Government Code regulating governmental entities procuring Professional and Consulting Services, fair and reasonable fees for professional engineering services are to be negotiated after the engineering firm is selected. Therefore, the fiscal impact is not known at this time.  
At the November 29 Board meeting, the Township Board of Directors deferred action on the attached consideration for Professional Engineering Services Drainage / Spring Spring Creek Watershed. Director Rieser, Chair of the Township Drainage Task Force, will be meeting with staff prior to the December 6 meeting to review the submitted proposals.

Recommendations from that meeting will be presented to the Board on December 6. 
As determined by the Township Board of Directors.
Attachment A -RFP Prof. Engineering Svcs with Add. 1
Attachment C - RFP Drainage Engineering Scoring Matrix


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