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Meeting Date: 12/06/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon a 2018 Glade Arts Foundation Service Agreement (C-2017-0554); 
Financial Impact -- $50,000
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors conditionally approved funding for Glade Arts Foundation during its 2018 budget process in August of 2017, with the condition of releasing the funding based on a mutually approved Service Agreement. The Service Agreement is attached for Township Director review in anticipation of the Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Board of Directors meeting.
GLADE ARTS FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (pending) has announced the opening of the first fine arts center in The Woodlands, Texas, and the team has met with Township and CVB officials.
The group is seeking financial and community support from The Woodlands Township and The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Located at 2000 Woodlands Parkway, Glade Arts Foundation expects to be open in 2018. Funding from The Woodlands Township is not available until 2018.
Glade Arts Foundation will unveil the museum exhibition spaces and educational and cultural community programs in the landmark building that housed the former Woodlands Information Center. The center’s backyard park by the pond will serve as a platform for public art installations and various large-scale, site-specific commissions. Officials of Glade Arts Foundation have stated they will introduce a cultural platform presenting collections ranging from Pablo Picasso to today’s most acclaimed artists.
The museum space will host thematic exhibitions of established and emerging artists, including a permanent curated collection of world-renowned artist David Adickes. Exhibitions will include fine art paintings, sculpture, photography, installations, performance and multimedia, and a special section highlighting visionary design and fashion.
As part of its contribution to Montgomery County’s cultural and historical legacy, Glade Arts Foundation will distinguish itself through educational programs for students of all ages and abilities, fine art scholarships and grants, dedicated exhibit halls for local and international artists, as well as through public engagement and support of art events and publications.
Glade Arts Foundation will serve as a cluster of international art, cultural education and all-around innovation, continuing the rich activity of one of its most visible founders, gallerist and collector Dragos Tapu, who successfully established Glade Gallery, the first contemporary fine art gallery in The Woodlands in 2015.
In his presentation to the Township Directors in August 2017, Mr. Tapu said, “There are three Corporate Council Sponsorships that we would like for the Township to consider. It goes without saying that we would love to have the Township be part of the Leader Circle. The Corporate Council Sponsorship for Glade Arts Foundation is reserved only for community organizations (private and public). We feel that in order to continue driving our message – “from our community; to our community,” it is important to partner with the leaders of our community (public and private).”
About Glade Arts Foundation
Glade Arts Foundation – is a non-profit organization in The Woodlands, Texas that provides a unique fine art experience by delivering art education programs, community based public art projects along with a curated museum like exhibition center for local and international artists, as well as renowned art exhibits from acclaimed art collections.
Public programs Designed to raise awareness of the arts as well as enhancing the cultural appreciation of art in our community. By providing:
  • Rotational art exhibits from other foundations, collections and / or museums on display at the foundation
  • Permanent art collection(s) developed overtime by local artists on display at the foundation
  • Cultural and/or historical public art piece(s) or project(s) on display in Montgomery county / The Woodlands Township
  • Support and sponsorship of community art festivals and exhibits
Education programs – art programs are aimed at students of all levels as well as adults looking to enter into or continue their pursuit of art knowledge and training
  • Art seminars series, field trips and educational training aimed at primary and secondary students as well as adults looking for continued art experience and exposure
  • Artist led classes based on various art disciplines – conducted by resident artists as well as visiting guests
  • Art cultural field trips to other fine art organizations/institutions/destinations
  • Artist to artist collaboration sessions within our community for our community
  • Art as it relates to Business Leadership’ seminars for the private sector
Publications – The foundation will produce art books in conjunction with selected exhibitions, scholarly volumes on the permanent collection, and other program-related publications, audio works on CD, and multimedia works.
Artists in residence – The foundation will have a number of studios available for local artists to use on permanent basis to work and create artwork. The artists will be carefully selected by the staff of the foundation and the board to ensure that each artist fits the foundation’s goals for the educational and public programs
Glade Arts Foundation for the community
  • Creating a unique, enriching and valuable art experience for the community via the opening of a premier art venue centrally located in The Woodlands, Texas
  • Raising the profile, relevance and validity of fine art in The Woodlands, Texas as a desirable destination to visit in the area beyond Houston
  • Curated museum-like exhibits through partnering with fine art associations and renowned art foundations across the globe
  • Enriching the community through dedicated seminars hosted by acclaimed artists, art curators and important influencers in the fine art world
  • Cultivating and inspiring long-term relationships with local and visiting artists by establishing a studio environment in which to work, collaborate and exhibit
  • Attracting influential and inspiring creative people in The Woodlands, Texas community
  • Creating a new and compelling quality of life proposition for potential residents and new businesses
  • Inspiring our leaders of the future through art education made available to the entire school systems of Montgomery County
  • Easily accessible for the entire regional population as well as domestic and international visitors via the George Bush airport and other major transportation hubs.
To be determined by the Township Board of Directors.
Glade Arts Foundation Service Agreement


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