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Meeting Date: 04/24/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a quarterly update from Visit The Woodlands (Convention & Visitors Bureau);
The 2019 budget of The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau is $3,105,822.
The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau, publically known as Visit The Woodlands, handles promotion and exists for the purpose, among others, of promoting business activity and convention and tourism activity in The Woodlands Township and is willing and able to provide marketing related services to the Township.
The CVB provides the following for The Woodlands Township:
  • Public relations campaigns to increase exposure of The Woodlands;
  • Destination media buying and production, including television, radio, newspaper, web and other media outlets;
  • Printing and production of destination marketing guide;
  • International destination consulting and public relations;
  • Coordination, marketing information and other resources to assist the tourism industry in The Woodlands so as to create, maintain and project an appealing image on behalf of the Township;
  • Promote The Woodlands as a destination to meeting planners, business travelers, tour operators and individual visitors;
  • Promote and advertise The Woodlands hotels, convention and meeting facilities, attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants, retail centers and other businesses and organizations that serve visitors;
  • Assist visitors and tour planners in planning and developing tours of the Township, including suggested itineraries and overnight accommodations;
  • Work with regional partners in promoting The Woodlands as a destination;
  • Develop and support training initiatives for hospitality employees in The Woodlands;
  • Promote and advertise the transportation services available within and to The Woodlands.
 The CVB operates under a Service Agreement with The Woodlands Township. The Service Agreement states the following:
  • Upon request by the Township, but not more frequently than twelve (12) times per calendar year, the CVB shall provide the President/General Manager of the Township or its Board of Directors, with a written or visual report or presentation concerning the Services actually provided hereunder by the CVB and the results of such Services.  Including the extent of the visitor activity, convention or meeting activity, hotel occupancy, restaurant and concession activity, retail activity and related indicator of the results of the destination marketing efforts of the Township and the CVB within and adjacent to the Township, so as to demonstrate to the Township the effectiveness of the Services provided hereunder and that the intended public benefits to be determined from such Services have been or are being realized by the Township.
  • Similarly, the CVB shall provide, not less frequently than quarterly, written and visual financial reports to the President/General Manager of the Township or its Board of Directors, comparing and explaining actual to budgeted expenditures and providing, in reasonable detail, an accounting for the expenditures of public funds paid to the CVB by the Township hereunder, so as to ensure that such public funds have been expended for the intended public purposes.
Receive and approve The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau's Quarterly Report.
2019 Visit The Woodlands Q1 Report


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